Finalists For Devember

Some incredible projects in the Devember thread!

Thank you to all who worked on Devember! Even if you didn’t finish.

How would you like to help pick the grand prize winner? I’m taking community comments into consideration.

Also, we have some honorable mentions.

If you’re a finalist, what sort of prize would you like? I have some hardware like motherboards, cpus, etc and level1techs store stuff. as well as the Linode grand prizes!


MSP project

A MSP Client management tool used for managing processes, access information, passwords, guide and know-how and links to common recources.

punch clock web app
A+ documentation

beer server finalist

pelosibot finalist

crypto wallet finalist



brutally simple firewall finalist

honorable mentions / runners up

honorable mention
logger fitness

mount wan filesysem?

what to watch

zelda like is cool

audiobook server



Eyyy, I made it to the runner ups. Thanks for the competition guys! :slightly_smiling_face:
Also quick question. If you guys have any notes somewhere about the projects, it would be rly nice to see mine.
Logger fitness dev :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you guys at least thought it was interesting. :kissing: Grand prize should absolutely go to someone that delivered a finished product and documentation unlike mine which is ongoing. My little project wasn’t a great match for the Devember format but it’s awesome seeing people took note of its progress over a couple months.

My projects have been sidelined for a month while I finish a bathroom remodel but I’ll be getting back to work on them soon™ - just ordered a 19" MBUS chassis for V1.0 of the processor to live in, among other things. If Devember happens again this year, hopefully I’ll have the hardware ready and can write a compiler for the thing.

I’m game for any sort of hardware, been planning on putting together a workstation so I can get the development stuff away from my daily driver/gaming PC… having so many vendor-specific IDEs installed at once is really wreaking havoc on this Windows install and I’d like to have a second Linux box to do that stuff on. So, maybe something in the ballpark of an older HEDT/workstation board? I see you had some things like the Threadripper and X299 boards last year, but hell I’ve been looking the whole way back at first generation X99 on eBay.


Oh wow!

I just wanted to share my stupidly over engineered project that I was hoping to build anyway. Can’t believe I made it to the finalists. :relaxed:

I hope my posts were mildly interesting.

R.e. prizes, literally any GPU (preferably NVIDIA but beggers can’t be choosers) would be great my current GPU is a GT720 (no there is not an “x” missing there). For my work I do lots of AI/ML stuff and it would be nice to have the GPU power to be able to do personal projects. It would also be nice to be able to run several VMs and watch HD video without my graphics card having a cardiac arrest. So I would be super grateful for literally anything better than what I have currently. [Edit: the rest of my personal p.c. is decently specced I just never got round to getting a graphics card for it as it was originally for headless use)

Linode credits would be great so I don’t have to port it to a cheaper VPS. Linode is definitely great and the customer service is widely lauded but I’m no greenhorn nor an enterprise so cost is the most important factor for me unfortunately.


Well done everyone. Some awesome projects. Was glad to see mine in the runner up. Was happy that this little competition kicked me into writing something I had wanted to do for years. :slight_smile:

My fave was the processor core. had tried and failed to write my own a few years ago. Good to see how to do it. :slight_smile:


Glad to see a few favourites in both the winners circle and Honurable Mentions, they at least deserved that - hard choices were made - lot to choose from … wait … what? … hells teeth, a firewal with bruatality bonus made it to the final of Devember2021 - Bwahahahaha …

(yes it realy did take me 2 hours to realize that was mine :slight_smile: EDIT: actually more like 8hrs)

unless you have a spare 12v AMD nuc-like lying around, anything SBC or RPi or for RPi (CM4?) - well those are probably used for something so anything that will run on 12v or less


Thank you for putting this event on, nicely done. I am really excited I made it into the runner up category. :smile: Good stuff here to look at, well done by the finalists. I enjoyed the video you guys made showing off the projects last year, hoping you do it again this year. Thanks again


I would like to do what @Techisattva did for me last devember :slight_smile: Im pretty happy with my computer so i would like @AlaniCat to take my prize. This would be her first PC build to replace her craptop (Acer Aspire E 15 / E5-575G-52RJ ). I suggest a GPU if its on offer, maybe a AMD apu? all she has is that free sdd from microcenter that @wendell recently promoted. :smiley:

MVP’s @dexmaster @AlaniCat @Techisattva

Screenshot from 2022-02-08 20-28-15



My girlfriend had the very same laptop a few years back

What components do you guys already have? Case, PSU, coolers, mobos

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i dont have any components yet but i do have money saved since i went in to the competition with the intention of building my first computer regardless of outcome.

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My project the Pelosibot has a major memory leak in my refactor. But if that is of no consequence I could really use an AM4 motherboard for my Ryzen 3300x… I cheaped out when I did my build and my current motherboard is very lacklustre. But I also don’t want to backrupt you guys with shipping charges to New Zealand :laughing:

(fixed memory leak now)

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I agree with Sprouts87 to help out the community that made the “competition” so fun, I hope the pooled prizes will help you out AlaniCat. Enjoy!!!


I don’t need anything as far as prizes go. I had fun and closed out the year being silly moving digital blocks around in a playground. Happy to throw my virtual prize chips in to the “@wendell helps @AlaniCat build a PC” pile.

Heck might even make a fun video about helping people build PCs when budgets and parts are hard to come by. After all, it’s been nearly 6 years since the Cure for Consolitis. :rofl:



I have to say i’m a bit overwhelmed with the generosity right now. I feel super lucky to have stumbled upon such a wonderful community. I had so much fun playing minecraft with everyone!! I’m having a difficult time believing this is reality and not a dream. Thank you all so much!


What! :open_mouth: I’m a finalist?!? Didn’t see that coming from a mile away. Thanks for the nomination.

I have a hard time just saying I would like/ want x item. Any chance you have some server hardware laying around? Currently studying to become a Datatechnician with a specialist within infrastructure.

I already have some old Supermicro and HP servers (and a BladeCenter) but I really need some centralised storage so I can give ApacheCloudstack a try and make some tutorials for newcomers on how to set it up. Anything will help here, I have an old i7 7700k with motherboard, just need case, hba, drives and a new case to hold my drives :slight_smile:

Anyways, amazing projects from all the other participants/ finalists!


Congratulations ALL. Fantastic works. Love seeing the hard work and dedication people have to contributing.


Congratulations everyone. I learned a lot, but what I really learned is just how much I will need to step up my game next time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, that’s fine, you can do a lot with something like a Nehalem i7 still… I’m just glad someone liked my project.



Thanks so much for including me in the finalists.
I’ve already had a great time participating in this devember, and this just fills me with warm and fuzzy emotions.

If you’re a finalist, what sort of prize would you like?

I’ve been thinking for a while of building a mid-tier/value linux gaming PC, but the prices of GPUs in particular have been really discouraging.
I would appreciate any kind of mid-tier hardware that I could use in such build.
If a hardware prize turns out to be out of my reach, I could also use some linode credits.