[Official] Devember 2022!

My Devember project this year is creating an AI that can ‘read’ (transcribe text from an image), but with all the flaws of the human vision system.

I also plan on continuing my Devember project from last year (coding a CPU Simulating Engine), on the side.

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The thread was written but wasn’t published. I didn’t want to step on toes, in case they were waiting for a video to come out announcing it.


My Devember 2022 project is writing an application that generates a work log and emails it to an email address. I’m a novice so I expect to learn a lot from this project. I’ve never used github before but, if I make one for this I’ll be sure to share a link to it.


My Devember 2022 project is a subset of my larger Ansible project. My goals are to document, comment and push my inventory role and host collection to Github. This totals 11 roles and one lookup plugin.

I imagine I will make some minor changes to the roles as I revisit all of them, but the primary focus will be on documentation, comments and formatting.

Better late than never. I pushed several commits tonight. This is incremental progress on an ongoing project so I don’t think it makes sense to compete against other Devember projects. It was just an excuse to get some work done. FWIW, the software management role was written entirely during the Devember2022 period, so I guess that could be considered my Devember goal.


My Devember2022 project is a DIY home NAS that will be able to serve as a personal cloud storage solution.

additionally spending an hour each day learning to code.

DIY NAS and Home Server / Learning to Code for Devermber 2022

I’m hoping to accomplish a little bit more then just installing TrueNAS and calling it a day, I would like to explore “infrastructure as code” by storing any configuration changes that That I make by in a program on a USB stick so when I blow something up and need to start over from scratch re-configuring everything will be easier.

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My Devember project is to make a flipbook in minecraft to play the bad apple video. Apparently this is a huge internet thing that I’ve only just now discovered?


My Devember project is to fix the builds and implementations of the series of libraries used to get full NodeJS running under a Java Minecraft mod, it’s almost there, there’s just a lot to do to get it working well.

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My devember project is to write an Integration for Home assistant which will read out the REST API of my M-Bus Center.

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My devember project is going to be an opensource multi-franchise cost tracking tool for QSR and full-service restaurants. Full thread will be here:

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My devember project is open-source typescript serverside lambda functions framework/package.

[Devember 2022] Open-source typescript serverside lambda/functions - Development / Code - Level1Techs Forums

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First time participating, I’ll try to do a web based Spotify playlist generator based on user followed artists that will also help people discover new artists.
I work in software mainly in C# but rarely touch anything web frontend so that will be interesting.
Good luck to you all!


Devember attempt no 2

all the best!!


I’d like to formally announce my participation in this year’s Devember.

It just so happened that since the beginning of the month I’ve been working on adding the features that I needed to microsocks socks5 proxy. I haven’t programmed in C for at least 6 years, so I’ve been a bit rusty, but it’s a great exercise, and the author of this software has been very helpful and forthcoming with his feedback.
Features that I’m adding:

  • Ability to specify a particular dns server to be used for lookups - done
  • Ability to specify a whitelist of allowed ip addresses that can connect to the running proxy server - in progress.

It’s possible that some of this work will be included with future releases, but it’s up to rofl0r of course.

I will edit this post and link to my blog once the work is finished, so that I can publish the patch files and build instructions.

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My Devember project is to polish and “release” a raspberry-pi informational display program I started in 2021.

Check my devember post here: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/devember-2022-polish-and-release-my-rpi-world-stats-display/192022


My Devember 2022 project is to re-release my assorted bash scripts, and build a CGI front-end for them, inspired by Windows XP.
EDIT: The scope has somewhat changed, and it is now aiming to be a simple server control panel.

Link to post: Devember 2022 | Windows XP-style website(source code released)

Cool screenshot

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Doing a second sprint on previous project. I wasn’t confident enough to produce a build last year, just too many bugs. And too incomplete.

So round 2! This time focused only on code, cuz those writeups took too much dev time. I’ll be drafting some stuff up but polish is the focus.


My Devember project is to learn C++ by creating a chess engine.

Link to post: Chess Engine


Hello im Ryan from Vancouver Canada, been dabling in code here and there never fully commiting to learning a language just getting done what I needed to at the time for work etc… I have made a CRM in Django in the past and a few programs to integrate things like commercial scales into a industrial process.

My main job title has been IT Manager but since its been for small companies this really just means IT Jack of all trades. In my last job which I worked for 5yrs I also did a lot of Industrial Automation.

The past month or so iv been trying to build up my github projects as after christmas I will be on the hunt for a new job(was laid off in september).

Here is my Devember project…
Project Github
Live Site
My Project Post


A few weeks back Linus from LTT made a comment on the WAN show about wanting a website that listed all the shows cancelled by netflix. In the vein of killedbygoogle.com so I am making SlainbyNetflix.com

I have already finished a prototype, that I believe has all the cancelled shows on it which I scraped from themoviedb.org.

I need to refine the scraping program as while it works it definately has some bugs(a little loopy when it shouldn’t be)

Most importantly I need to come up with a way of figuring out if a show was cancelled suddenly or ended gracefully.

After reading another thread and a suggestion there by @MilzyBee of a tutorial covering how to create a speach sentiment program in python I thought an idea might be to parse all the reviews on the last episode of a show and flag that Netflix Series as probably ending suddenly.

Then a reviewer can quickly double check it. Whilke this still needs manual review it will be a lot quicker than a person checking each one seperately.


Ryan from Vancouver, Northernlion is that you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ryan from Vancouver, Northernlion is that you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

he is in Ontario isn’t he? Just a short 4500km(2800mi) away

also I feel welcomed… your one and only non official post :wink: