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Steam Play: Windows Games on Linux (Proton Discussion)



I think the Lutris developers can benefit from Proton. Lutris is essentially just a front end to unify user game libraries across different platforms (steam, origin, LOL client, etc) . They could just link to the native Linux client for launching games that run off a Windows compatibility layer instead of linking to a Windows version of Steam running through WINE.


one more step closer to playing multiplayer fps titles in fedora or debian :smiley:


Just gotta wait for people to switch off of Battleye (which is basically a rootkit) to Easy Anti-Cheat.


I think it is awesome and while still beta, when and if it goes into the client the Linux gaming stats should get a bump so developers and steam can see people using Linux to try play games without native support.

I hope it pans out.


@misterk81 Updated title to make it shorter and clearer, hope you don’t mind.

OT: Hope valve follows through this time and that it’s not another one of their DOA SteamOS.


SteamOS might not have found much use in terms of install base, but it still helped Linux Gaming as a whole immensely. I wouldn’t call it DOA per se.


I really hope that this gets gamers attention, this is great news for linux gaming. I hope this project doesn’t die and the gamelibrary keeps expanding!


Nah, It’s fine. The new title is less convoluted.


Still having problems with this, games are not lauching. Tired of installing wine and DXVK.


It might be because of the update that happened yesterday. I had a similar issue where none of my games would launch and my only solution was to go into my steamapps/compatdata directory in my Steam folder and delete all of the compatdata folders and try launching the games again.


This didin’t help, i guess its the steam :frowning:


Hmmm… maybe it’s your hardware configuration? Or possibly drivers? I dunno…


I’m running latest drivers, but i have amd cpu. Dunno what is all about. I guess this doesn’t work for me atleast now :sleepy:


I’m going to say that the CPU is probably not the issue. I have never really heard of AMD CPU’s causing compatibility issues like this. But it could be GPU or GPU driver related? Maybe? I’m just taking guesses.


I had two nvidia drivers on my ubuntu installation, so i deleted both and installed only one.


Have you checked out the quick start guide?

Maybe there is something here that can be useful?


I tired that, i have installed my drivers as that documentation says and deleted the old one. Btw, there is separate topic for this.


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Imo for Linux gaming to be taken seriously it need to be plug and play if the game isn’t plug and play it’s not working in my book. Think of the average windows gamer the “I wanna game” gamer , any level of work beyond buying a game and clicking install means the game doesn’t work out of the box. For us that’s a fun challenge but that’s not what steam is looking for from proton they want to distance themselves from windows (more gaben).

Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]

Thats why proton is in beta. And proton is supposed to be plug and play with the whitelisted games

The windows gaming people will migrate themselves when they feel its time. For now lets focus on prepping the road for the journey here