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Steam Play: Windows Games on Linux (Proton Discussion)



thats still not enough to call it a linux gaming win its all or nothing for linux to be taken seriously in gaming . i want this just as much as anyone here. work around outside of proton need to be sent in to steam to give the devs some more info. once proton is out of beta it needs to support ALL games or all the work we did here was for nothing. imo i will keep testing and such i just have a hope for my idealistic win for linux.


You realise what you’re asking is just ridiculous?

That you can run some Windows games in Linux is great enough, you’re saying it’s all or nothing. support all the games that were never made for Linux 100% without issues or it’s pointless.

That’s ridiculous. That attitude is the issue, not that some Windows games don’t work in linux.


but its the truth, i love that games now work on linux that never did before but that doesn’t make this a linux golden age. its better then before but not enough to say linux gaming is ever going to be taken serious all it means is steam did the work for the devs. thats not a solution thats a band aid.


it’s going to take years and hundreds of devs and thousand of people helping with community involvement. There are several huge hurdles to jump before there is even a relatively even playing field…

i think you might be looking at this the wrong way.


enlighten me? i am open to this. what am i missing?


I feel this discussion is pointless. Steam Proton is beta and we are testing non whitelisted games to hopefully make the platform better. Nobody here cares about getting his hands dirty.

You should point that out in that other thread.


since when? Linux gaming is already fantastic compared to even a few years ago. We have managed to get to the point of both linux AND windows games working on the same operating system.

Proton will never leave properly leave beta. More work will always need to be done to fix the game breaking bugs and the never ending dev hell that is writing a compatibility layer for windows based operating system.

Thats complete bullshit. There is nothing stopping devs from releasing a linux port or even just tuning their windows build to play a bit nicer with proton. If the performance and play ability is the same then what difference does it make?


im done with my idealistic on this i gave my opinion which is a opinion. i support linux and open free user experience but half or incomplete measures will keep linux the minority and left out.

do you think just because steam makes a dx wraper more games will come to linux. no that means the devs do not need to code for linux and let the community do it thats not a solution that is giving them a free pass to do that.

done with my idealism.


Can we not trash the thread up pls. There is already a topic for this kind of discussion.



This is what EVE does. Rather than port the whole thing which would be ridiculous they just tweaked it to work nicely with wine.

I think your mindset on this might be looking in the completely wrong direction. Your replies don’t make much sense, it almost seems like your trying to say two different things to the point where I don’t even know what point your trying to get across.

proton/wine has been around for a long time. Steam just makes it easier to use now. Some games make use of it really well without needing to post complex code to a system that barely registers on the worth it scale. Add a plus onto that that proton will mark the game as Linux when played (correct me if I’m wrong) and it gives dives and insight into who’s using their game on what platform.

That data can change minds for the devs who see that a native port will benefit them. But proton/wine is going to be a good choice for other games, old game which are not longer in development, complex games that can’t easily or affordably be ported (eve for example).

A moment ago you said all games using proton need to work 100%, now your saying proton is bad. maybe it’s worth looking at what your position is and all the moving parts involved? its not as simple as a or b.


Oh, if there is I’ll move the relevant posts there.


@misterk81 I tweaked the title slightly, hope that’s alright.


i did not state it was bad i stated it gives devs no reason to code for linux if they know someone is going to do the work for them for free and still means they get the same customer base. humans are lazy if you know there is a group doing that work and if leads to bugs you can deny that its your fault. i love what proton is doing i love how steam is making games work. but it does not mean 1:1 for the game nor the overall market shift.


Frankly, I think that as they see more people interested in Linux, more developers will start checking that box on their builds. Because that’s really all it is for a bunch of the big engines these days. Keep in mind that steam also released a feature to the store where users can express interest in a game coming to a specific platform which will allow Steam to share the info with developers.

More importantly, this is not perfect, it never will be. This is a stopgap to help gamers, nothing more. Any developer that takes pride in their work will want to release natively if they care at all about the platform in question, otherwise they’re at the mercy of a goddamn open source project.

It doesn’t give the devs no reason to code for Linux, it gives them even more reason to code for linux.


It’s all good.

Also, new news:

Valve has steamplay in the non-beta stable Steam Client. So you don’t have to enter in the beta to try this now. But I would imagine that the beta will still get more updates for those testing games.

Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]

You’re missing that WINE is a pretty old project and doesn’t work in a lot of new games. There’s no reason why it would work overnight just because it has a new name.

Also games don’t even work in Windows a lot of the time. Especially older games work better on WINE a lot of the time at this point.

I mean we also have native Linux games, quite a lot of them at this point. And it’s still not really finding adoption with the “normies”. That tells me it’s not a matter of the platform.


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Proton’s real purpose is to increase Linux user numbers. Once that is achieved, dev’s will want to make Linux versions in order to increase sales.


Also (and this is just speculation) devs probably get a small discount to make them Linux compatible in some way. Pretty sure that’s happening with the native Linux titles already as well.


If this isn’t true, that’s what I always thought Valve should do. Consider a title like Fallout 4, just a 5% discount would probably save millions. It would be more than enough money to pay for the port.


I’d imagine if the next Wine version (3.15) has no regressions, It could be the new base version for Proton. It has many threaded operation enhancements.