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Steam Play: Windows Games on Linux (Proton Discussion)



Be our guinea pig!


Lol. Alright. Downloading Sniper Elite 3 now, at 92MB’s 2 minutes left


You da real MVP.


Don’t mind if i do.


Sniper Elite 3 Installs and launches, but I’m getting a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error.

Installing Payday: The Heist, which is on the whitelist, so it should work.

Payday Works! Now downloading Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman doesn’t launch :frowning:


excuse my ignorance but i have payday native on Linux already… or is that payday2 i forget.


Payday 2 is native. I have that too.


Wonder if it is worth starting a dedicated Proton Linux thread for compatible games, so we can start testing en mass ?


Sounds like a good idea to me.


That looks good.

BTW Skyrim SE works!!!


Bejeweled 3 works awww Yiss…


slightly off topic, but is there anyway to get the high quality audio back from the original and apply it to SE ? the SE was noted to have the compressed audio files from the console version.


Great idea. Be my guest!


I didn’t know the audio was different. This is the first I tried playing it. I’ve only played the original.


Oh. It’s fully open-sourced. FOSS should have nothing to complain about.

See Gamers, Valve didn’t give up on SteamOS-sorta.

EDIT: Oh, and it seems Valve was not only supporting, but paying for the development of DXVK. The conspiracy theorist were right. (Been in Linux community for like, a month, and honestly say I’ve never had a better experience in my life)


I’ve just noticed there are MoltenVK libraries and instructions for MacOS on their GitHub project page.


This is really good news. However which version are we supposed to use now? The vanilla Wine or Proton. Also I worry that game studios won’t bother making any native ports and will purely rely on these emulators and wrappers.


I think for smaller indie titles and AA (they are often more fun than a lot of AAA games lets be honest ) that won’t be a problem, but for AAA Linux wasn’t getting any anyway. Without some top draw titles, Linux gaming for ‘the masses’ would never work.


Proton is embedded in Steam and Wine is something that you can use outside of Steam. Given that Proton is open source, there is a good chance that some of it will end up in the Wine upstream.

Honestly, after running multiple games on Proton through Steam, it is less of a hassle to use that for your Steam games than it is to use Wine. Just having a one button install is Steam is nice. But Wine will still find many uses for non-Steam games and other applications. Fortnite (really need to port the Epic client along with a Linux version of this game, Epic) , League of Legends, World of Tanks, Overwatch, plus a lot of DRM free games on GOG (though GOG almost has a 1000 Linux compatible titles now)… there are still a lot of mega popular games that people want to play that do not require Steam.

Not sure how publishers will respond to this. I have a feeling that we will still be getting native ports, Proton will help publishers gauge what the Linux user base wants. But it is hard to say what the long term effects of this will be.

For now, it is a win for Valve and many Linux users.


I look forward to the day when we will be able to run literally any game or program on linux regardless of official support.