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Does it have any hope - yes. They can very easily do it properly, and Jessy Cox actually hit the nail on the head a couple weeks ago on the co-optional podcast. Let the people pillage and steal, get their own treasure caves with traps and everything, and throw a few maps in a bottle in the middle of the sea. Also only 6 crews on a server is laughable. So there is hope.
Do I believe they will make it good - no, I do not.


But jesse cox is a soy boy.




This video makes a good point of sea of thieves. Plus blackwake is just better pvp wise. Also soy boy just means man child.


I personally have hopes for it.

My problem is there isn’t enough content to justify the price tag. It’s definitely not a $60 game. So if they start adding stuff in for free, that would be awesome. If they charge for DLC like new maps and stuff, I won’t play it.


This a poll about soon to be community project about helping OSS projects.

  • I WILL participate no matter the project
  • I MAY participate
  • I WONT participate
  • I WONT participate because my project was not picked
  • I WANT BUT dont know how I can be useful

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Community effort

I put MAY, not because I care about which project (it really doesn’t matter to me), but because I’m not sure if I will have the time. Work full-time, school full-time, girlfriend part-time.


That’s a lot of time.


I would consider those rubber dome switch.


full time only infers 40hrs a week. part time is 26-32hrs week. so thats 106-112 hrs out of the week 168 hrs. leaves roughly 8hrs a day open for sleep/ drinking.


I won’t simply because I have zero interest in software development.

If it was hardware development it would be a maybe to probably.


And I only sleep 5-6 hours a day on average. So I have a couple hours a day to do my own stuff. But I don’t know if I’d want to devote that to projects or video games.


Like taking a shower, going to the store, clipping your toe nails, etc. I like how people do time management. 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, so I have 8 hours free. No you do not. You have at best 6 hours free.


I did the math for my uni:
8 classes per semester
each gives 5CP (1CP = 30 hours)
1200 hours of work per semester
semester lasts ~14 weeks (2352 hours)

Time taken up:
Class only: 51%
With commute: 53%
With every day tasks: 62%
With 8 hour sleep: 95%

So you get 5% (=118 hours = 5 days) for beeing social, catching up with classes or beeing late.
And now guess why it takes people longer than 7 semesters to get their bachelor!


Microsoft store exclusive is a turn off.


How do you watch streaming media such as Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services?

  • PC
  • Home theater system/blu ray player
  • Smart TV
  • Gaming console
  • Dongles like Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV
  • Roku device
  • Other please specify.

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amazon in browser
cbs/abc/youtube in browser
home emby media server


You forgot an option for not watching any of that stuff.



And lots of YouTube. I wish more creators would move over to other platforms.


Yeah… with all the BS going on with YT… I started my own media server and been looking for $5 dvds or bundles online so I can copy them to my emby server.