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Plus they make such mountains of money that selling user data is not needed.


Been working on framing a signed symbol i got from a Ne Obliviscaris concert built a shadowbox from scratch

Was wondering about backing it with felt wasn’t sure.

  • Black Felt backing
  • Red Felt backing
  • Natural wood backing

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Edit: this is where it will be hanging


PC, VCR, 55 inch 4ktv.


I went with red felt because if I were going to vote for wood backing it’d have to be stained. I think it needs contrast as the cymbal is obviously the focus. How much lighting will it see in its display?


it wont be facing any direct light and it will be on a canary yellow wall.


I think I’d be tempted to go with a dark stain for the border pieces and a reddish stain like Red Chestnut or Red Oak for the backing panel to make the cymbal pop but not clash hard with the wall color.

I am a fan of wood grain, and the box looks really nice.

Edit: for dark, maybe Ebony or Espresso for the frame. I like black, but not black stains. But that’s me.


Exactly why I voted for Black. Yellow wall, wood texture and the symbol - it may get weird. A different color will help it pop up…


Exactly why I just suggested a reddish stain to keep the woodgrain. I think a black border would be good but a solid black square is too much.


Red felt. Far more elagant in my opinion.


So I am dead set on curry tonight for dinner. What kind of curry?

  • Chicken curry (diced meat)
  • Pork curry (diced meat)
  • Shabu shabu (very thinly slices of pork)
  • Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)
  • Spicy karaage curry (deep fried chicken)
  • Vegetable curry
  • Other curry

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Since the poll is struggling for a clear winner I will first make a desert, something like an improvised tiramisu knock off… By the time that thing is done I hope the poll can produce a clear winner.


Was a tie when I went to shop so I set out for felt as 66% was in favor of felt in general… Ended up with red velvet instead of felt as it was on sale and it’s very nice. Thanks pollers!


The desert is ready. It’s really far from actually being decent… I think the creme I made was too liquidy. But whatever…
Chicken curry won, so there’s my dinner. Chicken curry and rice…


After work I usually grab a few beers and settle down to a gaming session, but thought I’d try leaving off on the alcohol.
What do folk drink while gaming?

  • Coke (or Pepsi (yuck))
  • Diet soda
  • Mountain Dew (whatever that is)
  • Tea/coffee
  • Water
  • Soylent (not green)
  • Energy drink (how do you sleep after?)
  • Nothing-gaming is the whole focus,no distractions
  • The blood of a sacrificed [insert animal /child/sibling]

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My favorite beverage of choice is coca cola. It’s not meant to be oh so good for you but then again neither is smoking, yet people still do it.


Water is for the flowers in the garden…drink blood.


Welcome to adulthood. It sucks balls. Now, when you’re done with school and get a job, replace that commute number with 10%-20% more. This is why the 8-hour workday is an obsolete relic of the 20th century, but we haven’t shaken it off yet for moronic reasons.


That would be a dream… only 8 hours per day…


It’s not how many hours you work. It’s what kind of skills do you have to provide.


Right now, all I have to do is crawl through litterally tons of assignments. It eats up all my time that I would rather invest in learning.