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As a not so small group of users some of which actually coming from industry we have some powerful resources. Like with looking glass where community effort pushed a project forward I was wondering if the mind hive would be able to repeat the same.

The challenge I put forward is month by month a poll goes up asking for suggestions of open source software projects that need testing.
Each month a new package is chosen and the community puts some effort into testing its functionality
Reviewing bugs and trying to recreate then providing logs and other info to the devs.
If any devs in the group can spare 20 minutes a month, pick a file and review it.
This doesn’t need to be Linux only as we seem to have a quite a few from both parties.

Would anyone be interested in doing this?

If you would like the community to focus on your favorite software project, please add it to the list below. Each month’s list will be available immediately upon the closing of the previous poll. Each poll will be active for approximately 10 days, starting around the 15th of the preceding month.

The list for June software project contenders can be found here: Community effort (edit by @SgtAwesomesauce)

link to the poll (Closing 5/22): Community effort (edit by @dje4321)

Past winners

  • Kdenlive

This could be neat but it would depend on the projects that we help out


I’m in. I’ll put in what time and resources I can.


Please, sign me up. I have a fairly decent testing environment comprised of FreeBSD, OS X, and Fedora the moment. I have ample resources and can install any system that someone would be interested in seeing the results on (barring Slack and Gentoo, because I have 0 experience in those and 0 desire to spend hours compiling).

If this takes off, and we get some consistency, I would like to petition taking on a larger project evaluation. We could easily setup a Jenkins server (or Travis, for those of you that thrive on conflict and chaos :grin:), perform testing, pull requests, or even fork our own product if the original creators aren’t interested in the direction our contributions are going. Kind of moot at this point but muh pipe dream.


Glad people are up for it. Its something I have been thinking of for a while, I am running kde neon but vms for any distro can be spun up.
Does anyone have any applications they think could do with some attention. I will put together a few of my own but they are normally bigger as my interests are more enterprise.

Suggest below then we can put a poll together and vote for the first target.


Count me in. I am still learning a lot but feel I know enough to help out. Hopefully learn more in the process.


sub’d… I void warranties. :wink:


Round cube - we mail application
Clementine - music player
Yacy search engine


Did you mean Diaspora?

DXVK is my first suggestion.


Let’s put together a poll for our May effort.

I’m going to put forth the following bits of software as my recommendation:

  • Kdenlive (video editor, it crashes a lot and could probably benefit from some community assistance)
  • MLT (Media Lovin’ Toolkit, framework that Kdenlive uses)

I recommend that in addition to just listing the page about it, we also write a bit about how people can contribute. Those with programming knowledge can fix bugs, those who are multilingual can help translate, those who are just interested in helping can do x, but we also want to give a bit of depth on how to actually get plugged into doing that.

We’ll want to close the poll on April 25th or so, so we have time to prep information for the winning software. (it will give 10 days for votes)

@blackfire, if I create a reply with the polls, would you consider linking it in the OP so we can more easily track it? Or would it be better to post this in it’s own topic?


Put your suggestions below. Will create a pool soon™
just click pencil/paper icon to the top right of my post

DXVK - DX11 to Vulkan Translation Layer for Wine
Kdenlive - (video editor, it crashes a lot and could probably benefit from some community assistance)
MLT - (Media Lovin’ Toolkit, framework that Kdenlive uses)
Looking Glass - Community Linux Tool
MultiMC - Minecraft Launcher
GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator)
Round cube - Web mail
Newpipe - YouTube application (android)
CentOS+KDE+firefox+plugins - xclipboard/klipper overflow
Krita - Paint program (linux, windows, mac)
Darktable - raw photo editing (linux)
RawTherapee - raw photo editing (linux, windows)
K9-Mail - email app (android)
VLC - video player (linux, windows, mac, android) (thinking primarily Android testing)
AntennaPod - podcast feed / player (android)
Solus- Linux distro that needs some love


Yeah that one. Just an idea as people are moving away from Facebook.

What ever you think is best.

My vote it so fork Super Tux Cart. Rename to Super TBag Kart.

I like this idea. It’s not hard to help either. One of the best things project really need is testing and good detailed bug reports so that bugs can be replicated and fixed.
You don’t need to be a programmer to help.


In other words … normal stuff.

I’m in. I can run on a variety of hardware, and have a good background of testing.


I would like to get involved with this project.
I personally never been a part of software testing before and I am not a programmer but If you can use my services somehow I will be happy to help.

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