Devember 2022 - Lively lo-fi wallpaper


My friend has this amazing open source version of the famous Wallpaper engine. Recently he showed me an audio visualizer demo from here. While I was listening to some lofi beats I felt like trying a wallpaper version of the lofi girl.

I don’t have much experience with coding (reason why I flunked the last devember project), so I hope I can finish this properly and surprise my friend.

Plan (aka Phase 1) :
A simple pastel pallet background, and a tiny desk + window on lower right third of the wallpaper. On the top left third, a clock(HH:MM).
The clock works with flipbook style animation.
When user starts song, the the lofi girl flips into the wallpaper.
When user stops the song, the lofi girl flips off the wallpaper.

Loftier Plan (aka Phase 2) : More animation and a visualizer

(will update with few images)

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Just installed it and it seems pretty nice, and saves me from paying for Wallpaper Engine once again, as lost my old steam account.

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