[devember2022] Open source cost tracking application for QSR and dine-in restaurants

So long story short is that I work making web apps for oilfield drilling companies to log and report their drilling data, costs and work info. So when my dad was explaining the process that he uses to record and project costs throughout his restaurants I was underwhelmed. The goal is to replace his process of making excel sheets and getting them emailed to him with a simple CRUD app and then slowly keep adding features like cost projection and what not.
The techstack:
I’m going to be using Vue3 and Nodejs for the frontend
It’s going to be a nodejs backend with sequilize as my db controller to a postgres database.
The goal of this project is for it to be able to be hosted anywhere but I’ll be adding this to my linode stack with all the other things for their businesses.

Here’s the first update.
I followed a tutorial online for the auth and JWT stuff; however a lot of it was out of date so I lost time trying to update the npm packages to work with the latest version of vue.
The github for my project is here:

So far I’ve finished the login page, the employee management and the page for the dailyReporting. I still have to work out the flow for the one to many nature of owners to restaurants. There’s also minimal security right now to stop manager from franchise x seeing employees of franchise y.

I’m hoping to get some of the reports and such done during the Christmas break.

Here’s probably the final update for a week or two. I added the dashboard and now it automatically pulls the previous data and does the math on the fly.

I also added the ability to edit Daily reports and added conflicts to prevent people from adding multiple reports for the same day.

From my original goal I consider this project mostly complete. I’ll be pushing the changes to git later this week as I comb through it and test for bugs.