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New and Existing Forum Features 2017

The forums generally keep up to date with the latest stable or beta build of discourse.

Built In

  • Emojis have been enabled. Use responsibly :smiley:

Code Blocks

As i've noticed not too many people know how to use them, there's a few ways to do code blocks

inline like this

inline `like this`

as a separate line, use 4 spaces then your code/syntax

    like this

As a block of text with coloured highlighting


print("heres some python")


print("heres some python")

Plugins and Stuff

A Solutions Plugin

In some categories (Windows, and Linux for now) there is a solutions plugin enabled, allowing the topic owner to accept a post as a solution to their topic. Super useful for helpdesk/question-related topics.

We might expand this to other areas but think these two are the main places it is useful for.

All you need to do as the topic owner is select the check box for the post that had the solution.

Details Plugin

Updated recently, this allows you to create a compressed details view to hide a bunch of information with a title heading if you want.

[details=title to show]hidden details[/details]
title to show

hidden details


You should already be familiar, we've had it a while

[spoiler]Wilson was a volleyball[/spoiler]

Wilson was a volleyball

Patreon Plugin

You may notice a little tick beside some users avatars, this indicates they are patreon peeps. (its done via email, so if you don't see one but should that's why.)

Support for Tables

You can use tables within your posts using HTML syntax.




header header
cell cell




I approve of these new features.

Also, Eden spilled the beans on the "teachers lounge".

I wonder what goes on in there.



A post was split to a new topic: [BUG] Clicking spoilers with links clicks the link

How to get it when I use different e-mails for different services?

What I am actually looking for is a feature, where I can completely hide a thread, like some of the mega-threads.

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Mute the thread.

@Th3Z0ne give wendell a PM

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I never looked that closely at the notification button, so I totally missed that. Thanks! :+1:

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So if my forum email is different than my patreon, then what

Same as i said to Th3Z0ne, PM wendell :slight_smile:

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Unable to mute tags

Updated to include table support information.

What would people think of turning this into a wiki this for people to turn into a forum guide?


I had a hard time reading that, but I think I understood what you meant.

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This topic, into wiki editable user guide.

Better? :slight_smile:

Yes :wink:

Sounds like a nice idea, even though I haven't had many issues getting along here.

where is the bug thread at???

Theres no thread anymore but there is a section for it.

Nvm seems you found it


Just post a new bug in a separate thread in #l1techs:Bug-report as @kewldude007 mentioned.

If it’s about the new layout that Wendell is playing about with give that time. Forum is undergoing some playing around with.

Is it possible to change my username? Mine has personal info in it