Anime Culture Club Meta - Changes and Updates

This is a place to discuss changes and updates to: Anime Culture Club


TL;DR of updates of 2018/04/06:

  • Less shitposting
  • Less lewding
  • Less shitposting

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I’d be in favor of also counting “Don’t lewd the…” as shitposting. And the tons of loli police memes (they get annoying after some time).


I’d be fine with a straight “No discussing the loli aspect” rule. If a character looks like a prepubescent girl, fine, whatever, but we don’t need to discuss that in my opinion.

My fifth cent.


Agreed a few jokes are fine but when you’re scrolling though a bunch of shitpost it’s irritating


But how we cannot discuss of lolis if they are too cute?

It was wasn’t it… guess I better behave then, because looking back i really went overboard with them at times…

On the name change

Since the lounge was created there was a One Lounge rule to keep shit posting in check. Other mega threads have a topic and name other than lounge. The gun thread is a corner for example. The anime lounge stayed on topic so mods didn’t mind too much.

Lately there has been more shit posting in the anime lounge and creepy loli talk so here we are with a new name and clarified rules.

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Thanks for providing an example of why loli talk weirds me out.

I’d imagine most users are male teens or older, and having them talk about what are effectively prepubescent girls? Yeah, no.

And no, the whole “real age vs. physical age” BS doesn’t count.

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No but I mean we can continue to discuss about things that are cute without entering in shitposting territory. Like “oh look it’s too cute”, that it’s lolis or anything else.

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Another thing, had a user legitimately come into the anime lounge and ask for recommendations of good dubbed anime and there was a flurry of comments and gifs along the lines of “wtf scrub we watch subs lol”, even as a joke being openly hostile like that is inexcusable.

So no more “your waifu is shit” either?

idk…as much as I’m in favor of limiting the shitposting and memeing so it doesn’t spiral out of control and make the ACC look like a weeaboo cesspool with questionable morals, strict anime talk feels kinda dry so far.


why the tag

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Cause it’s hidden.

Dis the meta thread, it’s unlisted so it’s easier to invite you

Oops. I didn’t do that. I’m used to being the creator so first time I’ve had to manual do that. I’m here now.

I totally agree. I’m trying my best to keep things welcoming. I’m good with meme’s, but there was a lot getting posted at the top of the thread all at once. I want people to see that we do have civil conversation (not just memes), but I definitely don’t want it to be meme free because that’s boring IMO.


Totally reasonable

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Might just be the sudden change of location and not knowing the new thresholds.
Might just be me getting the wrong impression.

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I don’t think I’ve been in/seen the anime thread in atleast over 700 posts