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the current funi VAs are complacent, it’s just a check to them now

Probably Kowaremono.

Yeah I noticed that. I do find that to be a shame.


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dubs never had a great reputation to begin with but there are some really good ones and to see crap get pushed out for even the more popular shows is really irritating.

the first season of tokyo Ghoul has a great dub but subsequent season are a real let down. Not all is lost though, Rolling Girls is pretty nothing show that no one talks about but it has a great dub especially a song in a later episode that was dubbed as well.


I need to make a MAL account for shit like this.

Here’s IMO some good things I’ve read. or just are trash but I haven’t had the audacity to drop them yet cause I’m hoping they get better.

All the Manga / Garbage I've Ever Read or haven't dropped yet .. 
and what I think of them in a scale of 1-10 
# Indulge my fellow weebs.

* Love Hina - 9.5/10
* /Blush-DC - 7.8/10
* Nozoki Ana - 9.5/10
* A Crazy Elf and a Serious Orc - 3/10
* Ao-Chan Can't Study - (Just added recently.. haven't given it a rating yet)
* Blade Play - Trash
* Boku Girl - 6/10
* B Gata H Kei - 4/10
* Brynhildr in the Darkness - 8/10
* Chivalry of a Failed Knight - 7/10
* Danberu nan kiro moteru? - 8/10
* Dead Tube - 7.5/10
* Dance in the Vampire Bund - 7.6/10
* Domestic Na Kanojo - 7/10 Manga / 4/10 Anime
* Eroge No Taiyou - 8/10
* Eromanga Sensei - 5/10
* Fureru to Kikoeru - 7.5/10
* Food Wars - 6/10
* So Pure, So Flirtatious - [no rating yet.. just picked it up]
* Fuuka - 6/10
* Gakuen Heaven - 6/10
* Gal Gohan - 6/10
* Ghost Love - 7.8/10
* H-Mate - 6/10
* High School DxD - 9/10
* Hahri's Lumpy Boardhouse - 9/10
* Hajimete No Gal - 6/10
* Hantsu x Trash - 7/10
* Boku wa Mari no Naka - 7.5/10
* Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai - 8.5/10
* Koe De Oshigoto! - 3/10
* Kiss X Sis - 1/10
* Kono S O, Mi Yo! - 9/10
* Love Parameter - 2/10
* Love Comedy Style - 4/10
* Maga-Tsuki - 7.2/10
* Maken-Ki! - 6/10
* Mama Wa Doukyussei - 7/10
* Rescue Me! - 6/10
* Seifuku! - 7.3/10
* Haruwaka - 5/10
* Masamune-Kun's Revenge - 7.5/10
* Minamoto-Kun Monogatari - 8.5/10
* My Girlfriend is a Shobitch - 7.3/10
* Monster Musume - 5/10
* Mosou Megane - 5/10
* Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - 8.5/10
* Nana to Kaoru - 9.5/10
* Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? - 7.5/10
* Nozo x Kimi - 8/10
* Okusama Ga Seitokaichou! - 8/10
* Oniichan Control - 2/10
* Oretama - 6/10
* Ooki Onnanoko wa Suki Desu Ka? - 8/10
* Ana Satsujin - 7.8/10
* Gou-Dere Sora Nagihara - 8/10
* Prison School - 6/10
* Puppy Loves - 8.3/10
* SE - 6/10
* Seduction - 6.8/10
* Sekirei - 7.5/10
* Shomin Sample - 7.5/10
* Suzuka - 8.5/10
* She is Young - 6.8/10
* Brawling Go! - 7.6/10
* SStudy - 7.3/10
* Sweet Guy - 7/10
* Sora No Otoshimono - 8.5/10
* Rosario + Vampire - 9/10
* Rotte No Omocha! - 5/10
* The Girl Next Door (Sun) - 6/10
* The Testament of Sister New Devil - 7.5/10
* To Love Ru Darkness - 7.8/10
* Trash. - 6.5/10
* Tsugumomo - 7/10
* Tsuiteru Kanojo (Niku) - 8/10
* Unbalance X3 - 8.5/10
* Unbalance x Unbalance - 8/10
* Usotsuki Paradox - 5/10
* Uwakoi - 4/10
* Watari-Kun No xx Ga Houkai Sunzen - 6/10
* Nande Koko ni Sensei ga? - 7.5/10
* xxxHOLiC - 9/10
* Shimoneta - 7.8/10
* So I can't Play H - 7.5/10
* Yakumo-San Wa Ezuke Ga Shitai. - 8/10
* Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - 7.5/10
* Yunna and the Haunted Hot Springs - 7.5/10
* Yokai Girls - 7.7/10
* High School of the Dead 7.5/10 [note: it will never be completed since author is ded.. so this is what I thought up until the most recent chapter]
* Sankarea - 2/10 [This manga is good. the ending is utter garbage]

I’m trying to be respectful as possible. please for all that is holy and unholy stop PM’ing me @Reformed_JoelBanks for recommendations and or questions about animes. I’m a human being… a garbage weeb with terrible tastes… but I am not god. I haven’t read everything… and this is also for anyone who wishes to be a #PLOT Connoisseur. find your “fetish” and you’ll find a graveyard of things to read or watch. I guarantee it.

this is 80% of my power. I’ve almost reached my final form… not many have lived to tell the tale of this form


This is precisely why I’m asking you for #plot mangas, you are the only professional in that field here.

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* Blade Play - Trash

Lol, I agree with this.

I see a few #PLOT korean web manhwas in that list also.

You remember the name of the one where the wife fucks the chicken delivery guy and her husband is a hitman?

I think there are only so many times you can ask before it drives someone up a wall.


no Grand Blue


Like I said, I haven’t picked up or read everything… everything on that list is stuff I picked up that appeared interesting to me.

over the years anyways

sounds familiar. I’ll probably remember it if I see the cover of any of the volumes or digitals.

I’ve asked him for #plot manga recs once

I PMed him twice, 1 about how #plot manga work (like how often/ frequently they are published since they aren’t really something that is official) and 1 other time about #plot manga recs

He’s probs just getting his panties in a bunch (since he probs cross dresses irl) cus this site does something dumb/ annoying by saying you got a new mail thing every time something with you in it is edited, I edited the messages to him a few times to add information that would make it easier for him to find recs for me.

Its a korean webcomic.

Ehh… Official?

Artists release at their own pace or twice/year
2x/Year tends to be the desired choice because doujinshi artist can make money from selling them at comiket which happens Summer and Winter.

This is probably not something you want to say when someone is about to snap.

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Grand Blue is the fucking bomb.

We better be getting a season 2 this summer

They’re not in like official manga magazines or whatever like shounen jump for example (this is the only one I know, I know it is completely off from #plot stuff) They’re released on random sites online, you kinda have to dig to find them, can’t even be found on MAL a lot of them

Can you make this easier for me? #plot just means ecchi or sexually suggestive on this forum.

What are you looking for? What is your goal? Your questions are so fucking vague I’m starting to run up a wall.


Lol no, they sell physical copies of their work.

You know comiket? The event the protagonist from Gate wanted to go to

Or the korean shit is published on an app where people buy it, the translated stuff we get is off the high seas

@Reformed_JoelBanks, if you want to find good shit just click on random things, you’ll find something, we try to share what we find as best we can but we can’t give you a rec for every whim you have.


That’d be Doujinshi which I covered.

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You but it is there own thing, they aren’t being published in an official magazine type thing.


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I’m talking about like this

Except maybe with more actual romance and no weird shit or unfaithful hoes.
Also do you know how often chapters for that one is published?

If you’re wondering how I finally got into this shit there was an ad, it was kinda vague so I thought I’d look into it more and they pulled the old cut it off at a part that makes you want to read the next chapter schtick