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Post your battle stations!



Cleanest setup that i ever have had :smiley: 144hz monitor in the middle, other are 60hz ones.


The monitors being at different height is bothering me so much.

What desk is that?


Just generig DIY kit from wallmart styled store and its not that bad, monitor arm is in the buying list.


you talkin shit about 1680x1050? I’ll smack a bitch


It’s shit when it’s paired witha shitty TN panel from almost 10 years ago and compared to more modern 1080p IPS displays.


Nicely proportioned. Crown molding bonus. Good work.

What do you do with that bucket?


Not tidy and not a nice photo, but it’ll do.


Nothing. I don’t really have anything to display so it’s mostly random crap filling space. I’m going to re-do the crown molding once all the snows melt. It was my first time cutting crown molding and it looks like poop upclose.


It does it’s job for being second screen that displays chats and stuff


It somewhat did. But my eyes are thanking me. Fonts are so much crisper, colors don’t suck. Plus, the annoying buzzing is now gone.


What buzzing?


It was either the integrated PSU or the module for regulating the brightness that started buzzing about a week ago to the point where it gave me a headache after some time.

But trust me, that TN panel was utter shit, regardless of what I paid 9 years ago.