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Post your battle stations!



Aren’t those Yamaha studio monitors?


Yep! Yamaha HS8s


Good choice


Finally got around to build to myself a computer desk. Never did a project this big before and it took a lot longer than I expected but I think it turned out decent.


Did you build cabinets and shelves too, or just the desk?


Yee. Built the cabinets/bookcase, backwall and the desk itself.


Did you just put anime girls in photo frames? ROFL Does no one in your family question that?


good catch, thats funny.:rofl:


do you have a link for the anime girl wearing the headphones wallpaper?



How am I gonna be questioned if I don’t have a family, fam? :^)


Here you go


Well you came into existence somehow you should have parents, no?


People die my dude


wow that is surreal


Current battle station.


Nice desk!

Is it custom?


And is that an lmp1 car, to the right of the stormtrooper?


Looks like it to me.


Yes, the desk is custom. I’m fortunate enough to have access to tools and the skills to build my own. Very glad to have that option. I know not everyone does.

I would call it an LMP car, however, LEGO says it’s “Based on a real motorsport vehicle, this cool toy car features aerodynamic bodywork with large air intakes.”


Finally dual 1080p. Good riddance 1680x1050 TN panel!

Honestly, for 115€ this is one sweet ass monitor. Can’t say anything about the stand as I’m using monitor arms. And there IS more light at the top edge compared to the bottom edge, which is only noticeable when the whole screen is dark. But colors looks more vibrant than on my Dell U2414H. The “bezel-less” edges are a bit thicker, though, and the bottom edge is noticeably thicker. But then again, it’s 45% cheaper. Can’t say anything about gaming but I got it as a 2nd monitor for watching videos and browsing anyway.