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Post your battle stations!



Here's mine. I can't get all of it in the shot. (The stuff around the tech belongs to le Fiancee)

My Setup
Post pics of your battlestations [nvm this I am blind]
Trying to find the post pics of your desktop thread

i dont ahve a pic but i should take one or so


I have a sidewinder x6 Keyboard, but I was just using my onn wireless keyboard ATM. (onn really sucks. gets a like, 5 foot range)



My /k/ommando was showing in this image, and yes both the guns pictured are real [not to be a fag about it, I just get asked "R DOZ REEL" a lot when I post this.]


Black Rock Shooter over to the right?




Black gold saw, yop.


The were in the washer. jeeze lol, calm down. :P


My Battlestation



I might as well sticky this thread to avoid duplication. Get some more in people!


My battlestation is pathetic.

My warrior is a mac :(





I've fixed your YT video link. To embed the video:

[youtube]Video Code i.e. the string that appears after v= in [/youtube], this will embed the video

Anyone else have a video of their setup, feel free to try it out


I'll remember that. I was too lazy to take a picture. Seeing I already had a video I decided to post that


I agree with that the black man is the evil man from the stars wars.


Kinda miss Green posting a DSLR-quality of his station :P

But there are a few members here that owns a DSLR


Not entirely sure why there is a straw in my cider, but oh well, it's only my first post!