Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition

Would anybody be interested in a basic TCP/IP networking primer?

Covering the basics of

  • IP addressing
  • Subnetting
  • routing
  • TCP vs UDP
  • firewalling
  • Basic NAT?

Been meaning to write one for a while, there’s a number of them out there but a lot of them are either way too basic or programmer reference/certification focused…

in the spirit of “just do it”. i’ll just do it and submit it :smiley:


Can I change my goal?

Thinking about making a comparision between “math” programs in C and Java… and writing a thread…

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Started DIY blog, will post more today or tomorrow once I get pictures sorted

Even747's DIY blog

Project done, for now. Updating thread in a minute.

Casemod Project: "Strobe" - Building new case from scratch


Yeah, I already posted it… it’s not great but it’s something: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/c-versus-java-performance-test-fibonacci-of-the-first-50-integer-numbers/147255


Inspired by the recent inversion of the yield curve I banged out a couple of historical yield curve look-up C++/JS cgi web programs.

The first gives you a simple CSS styled table and a some hacked quick and dirty JS
also gives a pretty rough canvas line graph.

The second one has the same sort of search form, but will take you to a cgi-bin emitted C++/gnuplot/JS generated html5 canvas line graph with better formatting than what you get with the former.

Now I have to figure out how to combine the two, and of course whatever further optimizations I can figure out along the hard way. My first idea is implementing a more pure C++ of capturing the gnuplot html5 canvas output instead of just emitting the system call to stdout. With the html code saved in the data structure proper parsing/adjustments could be made before output. I should also want charts with the month ago and year ago yield curves superimposed as is often done traditional newspaper yield curve charts.

Too bad my multithreaded BST and BST/AVL tests were more than a month ago.


submissions will be cut off midnight EST
you can continue with projects but we need a tally for giveaways


welp… I got very little.


Is there any chance of having something similar to this, such as a monthly showcase for people to gather and post their projects? It might be cool if random people could also put up prizes, but I didn’t do this for a reward. I realized that I’m always doing things by myself and keeping it to myself, so I figured it could benefit myself and the community to share.

In any event, I finally got the fluid for my transmission replacement project and got the car back on the road. I updated the blog with the last few details.

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Someone else has to take care of that, I dont have time anymore, I havent even drawn my prizes yet


I plan on going over this soon, haven’t found the time

networking101.txt (8.8 KB)

So, here’s where i got to so far. I haven’t spent much time on it lately due to other commitments but fuck it - figured i’d upload the state so far.

I’m trying to simplify a lot down to the level that is relevant for home (probably home-lab)/small networks so some of it may not be “100% complete” in terms of the technical stuff (but it should at least not be misleading) and I’m aware of that.

But at a minimum i think a (very) basic primer on network layers is also required to understand diagnostic terminology when chatting networks with others. Hence the current content before i even got to subnets.

It’s also not fully fleshed out, this is a text export from what i plan to make an epub or something. So the formatting is all fucked up compared to what would be in the epub (i’m using iBooks author to write it at the moment).

But feedback regarding the scope, brevity vs. complexity, etc. welcome. This stuff is pretty difficult to summarise without losing so much detail as to be irrelevant. I did want to include a very, very brief overview of the layers as they’re somewhat crucial to understanding how the network stack works and “layer 1” or “layer 2” etc. is frequently used to describe problems by others you may have to liaise with when working with others to diagnose a problem (especially in the workplace).

As mentioned in the doc - my aim isn’t for this to be used for certification or whatever. But more as a basic troubleshooting cheat sheet for those not specifically trained as a network admin.


After much neglect here we go, using random.org I will select users that submitted, not posts in this thread.


@Necron_99 you are my first winner
@KleerKut you are my second winner

hit me up in DMs with what game you want on steam $60 usd or under, if you cant accept the prize let me know so I can draw again.


@WolfTech716 @wendell told me to draw for him

If you are unable to accept a prize let me know so I can draw again.


I’ll draw mine when i get home tonight, been meaning to

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Sorry I’m at work, what do you need me to do? XD

contact wendell for your ewaste


Well now my excitement is FOR REAL. Thanks!

Edit: Never realized I didn’t know what e-waste exists. I feel ashamed…