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Why hello there,

This will be one part of my contribution to 2019 just do it -challenge.

So I’ve been working on some small diy projects I felt like sharing with others, but they don’t necessarily warrant for separate threads. Since others are running their own blog threads here, and being inspired by Mr. oO.o’s cool tech blog I tough why not start a blog of my own?

So this thread will act as a place for me to dump pictures of my smaller diy projects that I managed to complete over the weekend or projects I don’t feel like making separate threads. Some might be related to PC hardware or tech in general, others might be something else like making furniture, car stuff, etc.

Since I currently don’t have workshop near me, updates to this thread might be quite sporadic. My dad’s workshop, which I can use as I wish, is 1,5h one-way drive away from me, and I’m not interested to make that trip every weekend. :smiley:

This thread might eventually also feature my tech adventures, like my possible NAS and pfsense experiments and what not. Or I might make separate blog thread for those.

DIY stuff

I will also use this thread to list all my new bigger projects I’m making separate threads for. Here are the following projects I’ve completed or working on atm:

Recoating my old SteelSeries Sensei mouse

Casemod Project: "Strobe" - Building new case from scratch

List will be updated when I get new stuff done.

If anyone is interested, I wrote up short post about case modding and where to start, what materials to consider, what tools to use, etc.

Even747’s tips for case modding and DIY case building

My non-DIY related threads:

I also have BSD thread, tough atm my BSD adventure is on hold. Will resume that project later.

Even747's stunning BSD adventure - The BSD challenge blog

TLDR: I like to make stuff, this is the thread where I will dump smaller projects worth one or two posts. Also expect shilling of my future big projects in here as well.

Oh yeah, disclaimers. Ahem,

DISCLAIMER: Always use protective gear when using power tools. If you don’t know how to use some tool, consult manual or ask advice from professional.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not professional carpenter, welder, machinist, or anything like that. I’m just a dude who’s interested about case building and crafts in general. So please take everything what I say with a grain of salt.

DISCLAIMER: I will not take responsibility for any destroyed or damaged hardware, tools, other monetary losses, or possible physical injuries caused to individuals.


Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition
Casemod Project: "Strobe" - Building new case from scratch
Casemod Project: "Strobe" - Building new case from scratch




My old Logitech MX518 was still mechanically working, but it also had the same problem as my SteelSeries Sensei mouse I re-coated a while ago: The rubberized surface was really worn out and felt sticky and disgusting. I tried several methods to clean the surface with no luck, so I decided to just simply sand the rubber coating off like I did with Sensei mouse.

Steps were the same as with my Sensei mouse:

  1. Remove mouse skates
  2. disassemble the mouse
  3. sand the parts
  4. try to assemble the mouse, wonder why there’s so many leftover screws
  5. figure it out, assemble the mouse
  6. ???
  7. Profit! and done


If you are careful when removing mouse skates you might be able to reuse them like I did, but also be prepared to order new set if old ones won’t work anymore, or you manage to destroy them.

Scroll wheel was covered in dust and all sorts of gunk, so I washed all the plastic parts from the scroll wheel assembly with some dish washing liquid. Good stuff for this purpose since it removes grease and other dirt really well.

The carnage

Sanding paper get gunked up quite quickly because of the rubber type of surface the mouse has. I used regular 80-100 grit paper to remove the surface (don’t remember exactly what the grit was, sorry), and then 180 grit paper to make the surface little bit smoother.

Finished product. The “+” button in front of the scroll wheel doesn’t have the clear tactile feeling any more but it still works. Other buttons work like they did before disassembly.

I first thought I could paint the sanded surface, but eventually decided to leave the surface as it is. It looks better IRL, but to be honest the main goal was to make mouse pleasant to use, not to make it pretty or anything. :smile:



Made few coasters out of wood. I did see these type of coasters in somewhere, maybe in a YouTube video, but can’t remember where. Anyway, these were really simple to make if you have access to miter saw.

Got bit carried away and made few stacks of coasters. :sweat_smile:

I realized the wood I used wasn’t dry enough, so there’s a chance the wood might still crack when it’s drying up. As you can see on one of the stacks there’s clearly some moisture. It’s not that big of a deal, I can throw these in the fireplace and cut new ones if needed.

At the moment coasters work as intended. :+1:

I left these pieces as they are, but I could try spray on lacquer or something for the next batch.



One of my forever ongoing projects is my desk/battle station, which I’m constantly thinking on how to improve.

I already have one USB port mounted under my desk, the one that I currently have is this.

Sometimes I would like to have more than one USB port easily available, so I’m going to solve this problem next.

I found left over piece of L-alu profile that was perfect for the project. I started out by marking down the USB ports, drilled some holes and used my needle file set.

If someone is wondering, I’m using two of these:

I also decided to add one headphone connector here. Thought this might be handy as well.

Measuring how big the hole for the headphone jack should be

Sanded and ready to be painted. Holes for the USB ports are not perfect, but they will be hidden under the desk so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Dad had black spray paint in the shed. Sanded the first layer and sprayed second layer to get bit more even surface.

Painted and assembled. I didn’t have black screws, so I just took regular stainless steel screws and used permanent marker pen to color the screw heads black. I mean hey, it worked. :man_shrugging: :smile:

And mounted under the desk. I know the USB ports are upside down, and yes, can’t be arsed at the moment to rotate them. Maybe when it starts to irritate me enough I might do something about it. :sweat_smile:

And yes, that is a toilet paper holder from Ikea, bolted under the desk as well. Working really well as headphone hanger. :ok_hand:


And the reason why I have usb ports under my desk is simple, I don’t have front I/O in my case, so I instead have em placed here. All the ports under my desk are connected to the back of my computer, just like regular usb extension cables.



Nice man what distro? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I see you running i3wm :wink:



i3 is love, i3 is life. :smirk:

Running atm the Majaro i3 edition. Thinking of installing Arch at some point. @BookrV said ladies love Arch users and will gather around me, competing for my attention if I start using it. :thinking:



I was just about to say Manjaro. Lol



Nice color scheme.

@BookrV is a fucking liar btw :wink: Only thing that gathers around you when you use Arch is sweaty Arch users telling you you’re doing it wrong.

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I’ll man up and install FreeBSD. Then I can feel the power of the universe channeling inside me.


Ironically I can’t get KDE to work on FreeBSD, have to get back to that project soon. :smile:

Thanks, .Xresources bellow if you want em


!Font, scrollbar and default window size declarations


URxvt.scrollBar: false
URxvt.geometry: 90x30

!Background opacity. This also defines background color.
urxvt*depth: 32
urxvt*background: rgba:1000/1000/1000/E600

!Disables the insanely annoying Ctrl+Shift shortcut that enters ISO14755 mode
URxvt.iso14755:         False

URxvt.perl-ext-common: selection-to-clipboard,pasta
URxvt.keysym.Control-Shift-V:     perl:pasta:paste

! special
*.foreground:   #d0d0d0
*.background:  #0d0c0c
*.cursorColor:  #d0d0d0

! black
*.color0:       #0f0e0e
*.color8:       #808080

! red
*.color1:       #ff0099
*.color9:       #ff0099

! green
*.color2:       #b61566
*.color10:      #b61566

! yellow
*.color3:       #fb66bf
*.color11:      #fb66bf

! blue
*.color4:       #0683a1
*.color12:      #0683a1

! magenta
*.color5:       #7e079c
*.color13:      #7e079c

! cyan
*.color6:       #e207f2
*.color14:      #e207f2

! white
*.color7:       #ffffff
*.color15:      #ffffff
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