Bedhedd's fedora ssd migration


I acquired a 500gb ssd during the summer and wanted to replace the 256gb (funny enough originally shipped with the laptop) that was currently in my desktop. The only issue was that I didn’t want to set up Fedora again. I had been procrastinating on competing this task as it was complex and I didn’t have a lot of free time.
What finally got me to complete this task was the purchase of a ssd enclosure.

The enclosure saved me the hassle of copying to a flash drive as I had mentioned here

With the enclosure, I could copy the desktop drive directly to the ssd.

methods considered

forum suggestions

This weekend, I tried applying these instructions to a drive I picked up a long time ago. Unfortunately, I did not have enough experience to read, understand, and execute the instructions.

online searches

fedora reddit suggestions

Yesterday, I decided to look up alternative methods. I read on the fedora subreddit that I could copy the home folder or using clonezilla. The copy method didn’t transfer my settings and applications.

solution I used

Today, I tried Clonezilla to copy my drive. This was more successful than the previous methods.

helpful guides I found:

how to use clonezilla

This guide helped me copy from one drive to another

resolving dracut issues

After cloning the drive, I wanted to boot and test my drive. I ran into issues with dracut.

warning: you might want to regenerate your initramfs 

This guide explained how to debug my issue

I have to ask. . .I skimmed through the earlier post about the upgrade process for you. Now skimming through this one in the hopes of understanding better, so I have to ask:

What is the ultimate goal? What type of configuration/ partition set up/ boot process are you trying to achieve? This looks like it has been harder to do than it should have been. Genuine Question here.

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Been a while since I posted, I reread through my old posts. The issue was I restarted Fedora in the middle of a upgrade as I had no space on the drive. Ultimately I ended up biting the bullet and wiped the drive

The goal of this post was to migrate/clone a old drive to new one. I would use the old drive(that was in my desktop) in my laptop.
I referenced this post

As it had a solution to copy my user settings without copying the whole drive. Ultimately I couldn’t figure out how to get the settings to apply, so I used clonezilla instead to copy the whole drive.
I didn’t think the transfer process would work as I had two different cpus (desktop-ryzen, laptop-intel).

Ah ha ! yup, that’ll do it.

Ok, I get it now. I saw you were severeal versions behind, so i knew a nuke and pave would ultimately be the best choice. As for drives, I keep a bunch of old drives /buy some real cheap for the sole purpose to serve as “stand in” drives during migrations or to host configs and files if my large drives are nearing capacity.

I wish i would have been around to help the process for you. Also, buying old drives (old hdd’s from thrift/ leftover Corp installs) can serve as cold storage in a pinch. Encrypt the drive, and only hook them up when you need the data or space.

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That’s actually really smart. If I see if any ssd deals, I would want to do that.

Yeah a lot easier to do over a call or in person. Will send you a dm if I have any future issues.

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I have about 10 HDD’s that I got from Goodwill/Grid for like $50. These drives never see a system unless there’s a migration or a cold storage. SSD’s are too small for this IMO. Fast ! but Small.

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