Arctic SP3 4u Rack Case Compatibility list

This is a thread about cases that work with the Actic SP3 CPU cooler designed for 4u cases.

Norco 4224 confirmed ok without 1mm to spare.

Caliper measurements :

Norco mobo standoff height 10.67mm

Mobo thickness to top of cpu: 12.66mm

Sp3 height from copper plate to heatpipe: ~152mm

Do you have the sp3? Post your confirmed-fit and confifrmed-not-fit below.


It’s a great cooler and I considered getting one, but after too much measuring figured it probably wouldn’t fit in my old supermicro case. They really could have saved a lot of headache by reducing the height by 5-7mm so it could fit into everything, I’m doubtful it would effect temps noticeably.

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I use a different Norco case, and I got -2mm clearance. but I just have to rest the lid slightly on the cooler.

Presumably it would cause damage over time to the motherboard, but I figure if it lasts another 2-3 years, then gen1TR should really be replaced anyway.

the case I got, a Norco clone, has a mobo plate under it.

I could remove the plate and have the mobo a bit lower to fit, but I’d just change the problem to the PCIe slots not being fully connecting.

Rather keep the PCi cards snug, and slightly rest the lid.

cases approx 19" * 26" * 7"

the other case has a nh-u9-tr4-sp3, which has plenty of clearance.

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It does not fit in a Inter-Tech 4724 because it has a motherboard tray elevated from the bottom of the chassis.
It fits barely in a Inter-Tech 4416 and I suspect it holds true for all other 4U 44xx series. 4408, 4410, 4420, 4424. That is, the lid goes on but it is a tiny bit convex.
I currently have it in a 4416 after returning the 4724 because it didn’t fit, not even with lower motherboard standoffs (4mm instead of the normal 6mm). Yes they exists and no I do not recommend it.
I use it with a ROMED8-2T and a Epyc 7551.

The 44xx series uses a standoff with a very short threaded insert in the bottom metal sheet of the case. Which is also a hassle because finding those in a lower height has proved to be impossible so far. So the next thing was looking at the SP3 itself. I’ve looked at somehow lowering the copper at the top. I’ve found in other forums not to heat heat pipes as to bend / mold the copper as the pipes will explode. The best option I found on another forum that I have to try out yet is to use a (small) hammer to make the copper more flat on top. I haven’t dared or tried this yet.

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