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Youtube's Masthead is Coming to Cover Your Screen

Youtube is rolling out Masthead to all TVs/apps/devices now. This is the huge ads that you roll over and go full screen.

google notice:

More info on masthead here:

We have put up with double ads for a while now, will this finally start annoying people enough to seek alternatives to youtube?


Rick and Morty predicted this.

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I guess it depends on the person on if they want to find an alternative. If you hate ads you’d go and find something else or you’d run an adblocker. If you want to support the channel, without donating to patreon or whatever donation service, or without buying merchandise, then they will probably just live with it.

There is this one alternative to YouTube that is going around the semi big educational channels that is basically a service like Netflix. So it’s paywalled content, but no ads. Currently those channels that are part of that service are posting their content there and on YouTube and ask their viewers if they would like, they could create an account over there to support the channel. So there are content creators that have one foot off the ledge of YouTube. Running ads don’t make much money, and more and more people are running ad blockers, because of the way ads are done.

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I used EDX for a class and it was excellent, this was a real certified college credit class and I learned a ton. I have also used udemy for a few courses and that has been hit or miss, some content makers just place their vids, others are pretty active.

We shall see how this pans out, but the ads are getting a bit ridiculous IMO with youtube these days. To support people I like to toss em some money on patreon, buy something from their store, or use their affiliate links.

Blocking ads no longer works for YouTube’s TV/Mobile apps. They use hard coded DNS and the ads are served from the same server as real videos, so it’s impossible to network filter anymore.

You have to use NewPipe now, as that’s the ONLY option that doesn’t involve modifying the official app.

Youtbe+ ios crack still works like a charm, no ads and continues to play on close.

Yeah, but the only way to get that is jailbreaking your phone.

There is literally NOTHING on iOS that can bypass this unless you jailbreak.

No… use one of the dozens of 3rd party app launchers in the App Store. iosninja, app valley are just two examples

Yeah, that still requires jailbreaking. There’s no way Apple allows alternate app stores in the official app store. It’s a walled garden for a reason.

lol dude just try it, i promise you dont have to jailbreak. I can send screenshots but i’m not sure how to prove my iPhone is not jailbroken

A while back I decided to get Youtube Red (now Premium) to 1) get rid of ads, 2) support the content I watched, and 3) get Google Play Music. So I’ve been blissfully unaware of ads on Youtube.

But #2 raises the question - how much of my Youtube Premium subscription actually goes to content makers. Anyone know?

You don’t know. The only way to make sure funds directly go to a creator is the “Join” function, where you do a “Patreon on YouTube” subscription model.

Those app launchers actually promote app piracy. There are also MANY fake sites that are basically trojans ready to load on your phone, spy on you, and steal your credit card info.

This is literally raising ALL my alarm bells. NewPipe is safe, don’t use anything else.

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Oh hey, I found something if you can run your own Webserver:

What are some alternatives to youtube you folks have been checking out?

Anything of substance?

That webserver code I posted seems to be good, but using public endpoints seem to be VERY risky as Google can easily block the IP the server is running off of from loading things.

So it’s best to clone the git repository and spin your own server to avoid IP bans on the public endpoints.

Edit: Oh, you mean other sites…

If you pay $300/year, Vimeo Pro is good, as long as you don’t use RIAA music.

None of the other ones can guarantee 1080p. Dailymotion is a sesspool, it’s the internet’s trashbin for videos.

Cryptocurrency tied sites seem very sketchy. Bitchute only previews at 360p for ALL videos.

For creators that invest money into what they do and require real service that they are willing to pay for, it’s Vimeo Pro.

There’s an ongoing thread for this too:

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Bitchute :+1:

thanks for that thread, I hadn’t seen that before, will give it a look later tonight

Only this is the web front. If someone would only use it to remove ads, it would probably be more convenient to just use the plugin and get rid of the ads.
This still will not help with dedicated applications.

I don’t use apple products and I rarely use android, so newpipe is ok for me.

We discussed this not so long ago… :slight_smile:
Even if someone creates a project capable of filtering the https / quic data stream in order to modify data and remove ads from youtube, it cannot be implemented without full control over the device / operating system.
You could create a deep analysis engine with root certs and the right sets of rules, i.e. do similar to what some anti-virus programs do to scan https / quic traffic on the target machine and add the same filters that currently exist even in ublock origin.
Then we have a solution that is able to filter traffic not only for the web browser but also for other applications on the machine. But this requires full control …

A solution outside the target machine would require creating a proxy solution in the middle and ripping the encrypted traffic. With this tool, Man-in-the-middle attack becomes much more feasible and NSA work guaranteed right away.

The era has come where filtering ads on youtube without full control over the system and the possibility of modifying the application does not give us the opportunity to avoid ads. And people have to accept it or stop using hermetic environments that give us no room for maneuver.
I do not expect any brilliant solution in the near future that will suddenly solve this problem. Because at this point we leave the space called ad removal and enter the space called breaking the encrypted data stream. In this case, the NSA is waiting for your CV. :wink: