What Viable Alternatives are there to YouTube?

Thinking about the discussion going on here YouTube shuts down H3H3's Live Stream for Talking About Alex Jones

I was wondering about alternatives.

There’s a bunch of frankly (in my opinion) questionable block chain type video sites which I’m not sure are really viable. But I’m wondering what people know of. Are there any actually viable video platform sites out there? What are they?


How do you define viable, is my first thought. Workable there are quite a few but that’s a different proposition.


I’m thinking models that could eventually or right out the bat sustain themselves realistically. That are easy to use for creators, and easy to use for people who are looking and watching their videos.

Those things I think are the basics probably required for a platform to actually exist or compete.

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Vimeo could be viable, but most things I’ve watched on Vimeo are artsy fartsy things or bootleg pirate stuff.

Dailymotion still a thing?

Could overrun Nico and piss off Japan.

I think I made an account on Veoh way back when, but the website was pretty shitty back then.

I know, Floatplane!

As far as I’m aware vimeo are profitable, but I’ve not seen any numbers (private company?)

I had thought the lack of “youtube” type stuff was a restriction from vimeo limiting what types of video they want but as far as I’m aware having a look there’s no restriction on any content which you are the creator of (except the usual).

I’m not sure why more don’t use it, it does seem like the next best thing, and they actually seem to have a lot of good features.

Ha, getting Alex to Floatplane would do nice kickstart :smiley:


But realistically these things will go on and on, and this shit wont go as I want unless these videos are streamed through torrents

I guess Vimeo has an upload limit for free accounts or something? I haven’t really payed much attention to Vimeo because none of my regular content is on the site.

I think the proverb “birds of a feather flock together” may hold true for Vimeo, there’s more artistic pieces on their simply because there are more artistic pieces on their.

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I’ve seen some sites try and fail. I remember a site called CreatorsCast that was really nice and even had 60fps support before YouTube I think. But they shut themselves down :confused: I think the devs were actually some young kids

YouTube is doing some dangerous stuff right now and in my opinion causing a catastrophe…

I’ve been considering just not watching Internet videos at all besides streaming shows and shit


You get what you pay for I think is the saying. I think in their case that’s one of the reasons why they are viable.

I think the Bitchute model is pretty viable. Essentially, there’s a webtorrent with a web seed, which allows bitchute to only have so much bandwidth available for content and when a video is viral, the webtorrent handles distribution. At least, that’s my understanding of the elevator pitch.


There’s always PornHub.



Yeah, apparently they don’t take anything down.


That sounds like it could work well, especially since it would scale a little more easily.

Would it require installing another app/program/extension though? I (personally) am not a huge fan of having to install something just to do one thing when I already have an alternative (e.g. YouTube on a web browser).

Nope, uses WebTorrents.

I think they limit the YouTube type stuff with
their pricing, if a standard YouTuber were to move to Vimeo they would have to drastically change the format of their content.

this sounds similar to PeerTube which is what blender uses https://video.blender.org/

PeerTube also has a decentralised component to it.

edit: PeerTube seems nice, it’s clean and simple on blenders site. But I think it suffers a little bit from the “where do I sign up” problem. 99% of the places you can use look dodgy. I think that would put normal users off.


I recommend Bitchute as the most viable… There is Hooktube but it will not last long. Literally … Bitchute is the best we have atm. From what I can tell.

There are a few others but they are in such a fledgling stage that sudden popular use would be beyond them.