[SOLD] MSI Radeon 7970 Lightning

Looking to sell this 7970 Lightning I have, open to offers shipping should be less then $15.
The stock fans broke so I moded it with some 120mm fans.


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I don't think you're gonna get much for this when it's at RX 480's near release, specially at that cosmetic condition.

Hence offers :p I got it for free from a friend to help them move so its just sitting around as a spare.

Do you still have the stock parts?

No the fan broke so I put two 120mm Corsair Fans on it, they are removable and still have the 3 pin connectors on them.

You tossed the shroud too?

Yeah was easier to just zip tie two 120mm on it then getting replacement fans as I have a good amount of spare fans.

Not interested then as I'd want to fix it properly and finding a MSI 7970 fans and shround would be too expensive and time consuming...

its cool good questions.

does it work?? if it does ill buy it for 30 plus shipping soooo 45-50ish

I'll pay $31 plus shipping. sooooo 46-51ish

lol ill pay 31.01 if it has the back plate