[WTS] GTX 1060 and 2x8gb DDR4 Sodimm [USA] [SOLD]

$110 Shipped - Zotac GTX 1060 AMP! Edition (6gb) - Sold Theonewhoisdrunk

GPU Specs

$45 Shipped - 2x8gb DRR4 2666v-SA1-11 Samsung S03WA10823398SF66 Sold - COGlory

Included Shipping is US only, payment preferred is paypal might be able to swing other things if you need another way.

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Idk what that gpu is but it looks cool

1060 6gb need to update this later



@Skelterz, this gpu would be ok in that build you were looking at.



Any flexibility on the RAM?

I think the price is pretty fair, Cheapest PCPartpicker price for 2x8 is $60+tax, so $45 shipped no tax isnt really that bad. Shipping is probably like $3-5 including a padded envelope so in reality your paying $40 + 5 Shipping and thats basically 30% off cheapest new

Fair enough. I’ll take 'em for that price. PM me your PayPal info?

If you still have this card in a month I’ll take it.

I sent a PM about the 1060 but not sure if it went through as I don’t see it in my messages. Posting here. Sorry if it seems annoying haha, but yes, definitely interested in the 1060 if its still available.