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Thanks for coming in.

Have a awesome time looking at my trash I feel is worth posting.
things I post about here already include and things I plan to do:

more to come with my own lab as people are doing more bandwagon-ing

i have 2 Bpi-w2’s ordered for making a plug and play storage for home media and a capture location for a very low frame rate home security camera. I bought the boards on a whim and it bites me, but I will follow through with the intended purpose. They are a bit under powered for the task but for what the boards are its gonna be a learning curve of fun.

Later I want to build a SBC cluster for a “something”@home but crazy in a fun way.
gonna happen ™ but not sure which sbc to get and what im getting my self into.

One I need to dust
Two I need to vacuum
I want to get a good rack mount UPS that feeds my pdu at the top for non mission critical things to my computer useimage and getting a rack mountable case 3u soon™
will be selling the qbx case later

These are things I think are worth the share as a collective spot for me to have here. Enjoy my trash I find it fun.

This would be a good spot to also share my experience with uv reactive hair dyes, instead of spamming other places in the forum.

update 10/7/19 m/d/y

forgot to link this

2019 caning season has started

retro gaming time

mac g5 is going crazy with void linux modern linux on 2005 power pc


you just w’nted to bait someone into the last image lol

I’m a simple man, I see a (server) rack I click like.


In your chili recipe, I see green peppers in the pic but not the recipe. Also try adding 1 tsp oregano and 1 tbsp ground cumin to your recipe.


true this was a home addition ad they were gonna go bad soon and i personally do not like oregano in my chili but cumin next time!


I put lots of veggies in my chili. Always some type of pepper and also celery. Overcooked brown rice is a pretty good substitute for meat if going vegetarian, it has a similar texture to ground meat. And rice and beans make a whole protein.


all in all the dye is amazing the colour is super strong when dying the hair i bagged my hair and applied heat for about 30 minutes and had the dye in for about a hour to get this result


I wish I had enough hair to dye…
I think I’d dye it white so the roots didn’t show up too quick. [I have more white than brown in my beard. I’m getting close to being a Santa clone]

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elon musk got his hair back so its not impossible and under the stress hes under running all that i bet its all dyed


i like making gif edits in gimp
and some meme gif edits DigitalParchedAttwatersprairiechicken-size_restricted request%201-edit-2

some are simple some take time i mostly do these for fun or simple fast requests :blush:


my pepper (ghost pepper Anaheim hybrid) from last year made it i will be getting it another light.
and this season i am growing ghost peppers to trade for tomatoes from my friends garden to make some home made salsa

the bell peppers didn’t take this year and so ends my home line of bell peppers.
i will buy a plant from lowes and attempt to maintain it for multi season.


update on the my pepper

first two have bloomed! super hype for the season!

i have hand pollinated with a small paint brush


Late night update to aluminum trash heap

Flex tape joint at the bottom that leaked before again.
I [doubt] the anti corrosive would eat the flex tape? @Adubs ?? Or the pump pressure after about 2 months? I’ve taken the Mobo and psu off a weeks ago thankfully :grimacing:

I’ve got to drain the rest of the loop tonight to the point it won’t spill so the bottom bot the back rads.

Just my luck…

Also this is long term tests reason I was running the loop on a ac dc brick for a 4 pin12v5v molex and pull the 12v to a 3 pin fan header was to test flex tapes hold I think?

Fuck me


It’s possible there could be a reaction but I’m not sure that the outcome wouldn’t have been the same without any… Because tape.


tape is going to be removed now and replaced with tube was fun while it lasted


made more corn chips from cheap tortillas cut into 1/4 and they taste better as chips imo
and home made pickles 1:1 water:vinegar salt pepper spoon full of minced garlic and a 1/4 yellow onion

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this weeks meal prep base is burritos they are super filling and should last about a week or two some will be frozen and some kept in the fridge

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white stove top…
I think I have the exact same stove but black

refried beans homemade?

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-canned refried beans cause being cheap
-my mums tacos season powder no idea how she makes it leaving grease in the meat for congealed burrito
-cheese sauce is 1 stick of non salted butter a splash of milk and mixed 5 blend cheese hand grated thin
-being cheap and collecting tacobell sauce packets over time
-1 sauce packet & spoon full of cheese on a 16" tortilla
-12" tortilla on top of cheese and sauce.
-spoon full of meat and refried beans
-sour cream spoon full
-5 cheese blend hand grated medium bits