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Deepin DE (DDE) and native install


OLD thread

as a continuation and long term follow up with 15.9.1 installed and fully updated nothing much has changed mostly stablity of deepin applications and a additon of a onscreen keyboard for touch functionality and more.

deepin 15.9 release notes

deepin website

deepin iso download and mirrors

I recommend a mirror near you as the china download is really slow out side of china and this is just the sad fact of life with how china is

security risks of deepin have also been addressed there is no more ‘spying’ then the ubuntu store and basic computer analytics that like in ubuntu are asked about at install and 100% optional. this is just propaganda cause ‘china’ -trump


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No idea what the speed is but I found it amusing as when I was first getting into linux there was a lot of stuff located on the ibiblio mirrors and it was hard to find something slower. Good times trying to update at 24-58Kbps and the total update would take from 50 minutes to 14 or more hours and ibiblio was the only working mirror.

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I’m lucky in that my employer is hosting a Mirror for all major distributions in our Inhouse Datacenter. Updates at 10Gb/s. Good times :wink:



deepin 15.9.2 update release notes深度系统更新(2019-03-11)/

mostly bug fixes and ui fixes







Come Fedora 30 I might even test it outside a vm. What’s the world coming too :slight_smile:

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i’ve hit a snag with deepin while attempting to create a back up of the os to a usb stick. a interesting thing happened it did not create a iso like specified it just made a complete copy. this is not how the backup ulti in deepin works so i’ve reported it as a bug happened four times now. i’m not smart enough to diagnose the issue , so the backup utli deepin has might be borked atm.

just a personal experience note



more ui fixes and some deepin terminal work to allow opening of links and right click to open file location



deepin updates mostly focusing on DDE and optimizations and now a full shift to debian stable and not debian beta for deepin as a whole.

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