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The POWER and PowerPC General Discussion / News Thread



Submitted a pull request for a kernel config for ppc32. Once this is accepted, all of the core components for Void Linux will be done!

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The Talospace blog recently posted about an abandoned effort to have a common socket for Power, SPARC, and x86 processors:

I mean, interfaces like DDR, LPC, and PCIe certainly aren’t ISA-specific; but it’s kind of mind boggling to me. Is there any precedent for a socket shared between vastly different architectures?

Also, here’s an interesting image I found while talking to Stewart Smith on Twitter of a Yadro POWER8 system’s memory card:

For those unfamiliar with Power, POWER8 (and POWER9 Scale Up variants) talk to memory through a Centaur memory buffer acting as an L4 cache. IBM systems come with the RAM and memory combined on one DIMM, while this Yadro system has the Centaur buffer chip on a riser card, and normal RAM DIMMs slotting into that.


Looks like the Blackbird mATX board will be getting some coverage on LTT: