NVME Wars: Adata XPG SX8200 vs Samsung 970 Pro/EVO Plus | Level One Techs

Benchmarks: https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1903170-SP-1902157SP06

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I told you… I told you all… Adata FTW…
I’m really wanting one of those, 256gig version…


You really did try to tell us.


Did just yesterday recommend my friend to switch from his order that evo plus to this one, and its just because its cheaper and gaming loads were tad faster

If I didn’t have a surplus of nvme ssds. 2 960 evos and 4 970 evos I would buy this in a heart beat. I am giving my brother one of the 970 evos that I have and saving the others for future builds.

Very similar price and performance seems to also apply to these external ssd’s, and that XPG 1tb going for 180~ is really compelling external drive

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The 1TB is 182 bucks on Amazon now… if I upgrade to Ryzen 3 in October I’ll certainly be getting one of these as my primary. Add a 1TB SATA drive and having 2 TB of SSD storage will take care of me for years to come (and allow for the resale of the current drives w/CPU and motherboard).

EH comparable =/= better

honestly intel 660p 1tb for $100 is your best bet more then what the average consumer needs.

$120 seems price went up a smidge (2tb is only $220)


A bit slower but still plenty fast for average consumer

It does when it’s massively cheaper…

Umm 1tb 660p is $120 and its more then the average user needs?
Sure its a better deal then Samsung, was not arguing that. But 660p is more than the average user needs / will notice

So what SSD are you using?

Samsung 970 Pro 512GB
with a 280gb 900P Optaine drive soon

Last SSD I purchased before this optane drive was 970 pro September ish last year?

If I was upgrading a desktop or laptop I would buy a 660p hands down

I rest my case…

? That I buy the highest performers?

Don’t buy the fastest for the money…
What do you have?
The fastest for the money…
I’m sorry my friend, it’s hypocrisy. You can go ADATA SX6000 or Kingston A1000 instead of the Intel… It’s about the same speed for about the same price… Or you can spend a bit more and almost double your speed. It’s much better offer for the price. With high capacity you will basically run everything out of it, and considering every game nowdays have a louncher and every piece of hardware have 17 softwares running in the background - yeah, you may appreciate the speed…

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Pete the SX6000 is like sata speed the 660p is like triple the performance of that
The A1000 is a bit better but still under 1/2 the performance of the 660p


Yeah I see why Wendell said pro like a billion times in the video…
SX6000pro… 6000 non profit I believe is not made anymore.
6000 pro is rated 2,1gig read, the Intel is rated 1,8…

Oh wow, 660p is really fucking cheap… Are you serious? Why is it so cheap?

Let’s just say 660p tanks in some work loads.

True and people who need that performance arent buying 660p level drives
For the average user it wont be an issue