Small youtube channels that you think should have more subscribers/views or find intresting

Here is a list of channels, no real order I just add them as they get posted in the thread

Updated list

Small is a bit relative btw

I’ll Start

SuperDQP just released a new video and I noticed that he only had 127 subs and most videos don’t even make it past the 100 view mark, only 4 out of his 77 videos break 1000 views.

So I thought I would make this to showcase channels that could use some love.

SuperDQP on using the Steam controller for a year

SuperDQP on the disney games on GOG (I thought the production was good)

Please post channels you think should get some love! I like finding new things to watch.



Bartender at Large is a great bartender podcast show, the production and filming is good for 3 people just hanging out and talking about bartending in their local area. I like shows like this, for the production the views are pretty low and their subs are under 1000.

Having been in South Korea for a year, I found this one interesting

I am actually subscribed to them. Great videos, great channel.

Philscomputerlab - For the retro PC builds and reviews:

The music :D

Really good stuff @Gandu, love the music! Interesting channel @oscarmike, listening to the newest video right now .

Noah Caldwell-Gervais Makes long videos about video games, his intros are Amazing and I like his thoughts and take away from gaming for the most part.

Fallout was the first video I watched from him and was hooked

Jas. Townsend and son Inc. makes 18th century cooking videos. Really interesting and good looking meals.

18th Century Cheese Curd Fritters

18th Century Energy Drink - Switchel 18th Century Cooking S6E1


How do I remove the like? Does this guy know what he's talking about? Quad core (4:36) and pci-e (5:46) for windows 98 build?

He shut down his patreon and stopped making videos for a while.

Tbh I doubt he'll come back. Many of his videos sound good but when you dig a little deeper they are highly problematic or incredibly basic.

Reddit has called him out on stuff quite a bit and he got really triggered.

Think he was saying that for what you can find cheaper. He was saying its easier to find what he had and cheaper.

@DerKrieger I did not know that, that is to bad

I'm not trying to bait people was just saying lol

Yeah he made a whole video about it.

Was the right thing to do. He couldn't meet his patreon obligations so he shut it down. Some.people could learn from that lol

Hacker House doesn't have a ton of videos but the ones they do have are pretty great (even if its not The L0pht youtube show I was hoping it would be by the name haha)

Building a Robotic Bartender

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

FSP or Final Save Point is, as of right now, an amazing weekly gaming/tech show that is very well done and produced. I know that at lest one of the hosts is a member of this community and was at the Lan, but I am at a loss to his name at the moment.

Final Save Cast 9-24-2016

This guys channel is hilarious. He's dropped off the face of the earth, which is a shame:
Prepare for a binge

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how have I never seen this before......

edit watched almost all of them already lol great stuff @Gandu