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This is a work in progress so I thought I would just add a link rather than post the images, been ill so I havent been able to make as much progress as I would have liked.


This is a manipulated photograph (hobby nr 2) of a steamlocmotive (hobby nr 3) that is working for a museum in the netherlands.


probs clean it up a bit more idk..

just made it a bit better since made as a joke awhile back anyways XD.

newest version of winterhat avatar :p


Some old doodles I did.


These are my attempts to mix the famous keep calm posters with the level1techs logo, comments are welcome

who can tell me witch fonts are used on the website ?


the uneven edges are noticeable.... and annoying.

(top middle, and bottom right)


you're right, It must be the resolution of the picture, i copied the logo from the website
i will try a high resolution picture tomorrow, i have to work tonight


Not sure I'd call it art, but I made this recently:


I made some too a while back. I think they were thinking about using them in their video bumpers at one point. Got sent an example clip that looked really cool, but that was before recent happenings and it seems that things are a bit unknown at this point.


What's that font?


It isnt a font. I created the shapes of the letters individually. Takes a long time, but it is a good way to get an end product that is somewhat unique.


I wish that had worked out :/


Couldn't find the file, so had to link deviant art upload xP


I've been messing around with Torch and OpenCV, made this hacky neural network autencoder that uses optical flow:


I can't draw a stick figure... all my artistic talent is musical I guess and there's still not much talent there imo lol

I will say the work I see here is incredible stuff, keep it up guys!


had to actually shade and turned out okayish on the bottle(the original pic has a big jameson sticker covering most all of the neck, and lettering on the cap.

for the second one was just shitload of shifting the perspective, bit of touchup/work on the mask cause he had a hood in the pic and a scarf, bit of shading under that not happy with :/. oh and the fingerless gloves i drew on which are okay but its all blurry/out of focus or whatever in the source pic so whatev


can you add cossacks vodka to the iron giant slavsquat picture?


possibly, dun think could make my whole own bottle and have it look decent XD.

but do have a bottle from the game/have a label etc. maybe if did a 2d cartoon of super clear liquid would be easier, to not be messing with shading and stuff to try and get the appearance of rounding and shit


just half ass it and cover the blemishes with his massive metal fist.


like dis?