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um cant draw for jack usually but have a few things floating around..

replaced the forum or whatever it was, into screens from the 13th episode and what it is depicted as in the show where both images are the same not half on each but theres some noise and stuff :x.

some crappy website lol

some stupid project was doing some cross platform testing :p(does ascii count? XD)

some hat i made(sorta looks cool i guess)





that's an odd left boob.... lol


Yes I left them on purpose like that because its already secret portrait. :D


no... I mean that the left under-boob doesn't exist... was she wearing a tight fitted shirt?


idk where else to put this, but this is one of my logos from one of my many attempted rebrands

also this, for fun:


She was only wearing her face. :D


Beach Environment Scene:

Small real time scene I worked on in UE4.

More on my portfolio:



made a higher res version but still low framerate :x and lazy so dunno if gonna take more screenshots lol


I did my version of the TrEyeClops Logo.


Made in Blender.


Did you follow a tutorial? It looks really similar to something I saw from Blender Guru.


Yes it is. I need to work on alot of my other art skills before I can go out on my own, but for that image I was doing it mostly to learn more about blender.


Nice :D


was attempting to make this basically

so i made this label(yea i know messed up parts/isnt exact)

and thats on the closest bottle(shape/color) i could get locally

anyways time to become @Ramiel


My Mum's Christmas present :D


A sketch I copied. Love the style and want to learn how to draw it well :D


I'm trying to get into the habit of drawing more, was planning on drawing really shitty just to do something but ended up with this xD Still a WIP