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only thing that could make it better is if he were holding it, and it were casting a caustic shadow on the kid, with a cartoon cigarette at an angle in his powerful, square slavic jaw.


Loaded up Blender for the first time in over 6 months tonight. I've forgotten pretty much everything I knew, but started on this & threw some quick textures on it in Substance. Still got a lot more detail to do & the UV maps are horrifying right now, but it's 4am, so time for sleep!

I forgot how much fun it is :)


What is "Substance" ?


I like this last one the most and others do too apparently.


Its 3d painting software. You just import your model & it has a huge library of textures you can use to paint it, everything from base materials to randomly generated wear/dirt/scratches.


Runs on Linux? :D :| :(


Sure does, I do all my work in Linux :)


:o Nice!


I did it with charcoal, the scaling is a bit off in some places mostly the head


Took some photo's yesterday. Prolly going to edit them today.




made with computer Vision and AI


Skeleton cause they're spooky

Now all my space ships/Stations

Now some of the other stuff from things I'm writing

There's still quite a few more but I don't want to post them just yet


This is a hateful ignorant stereotype


This post screams Adventure Time. I love it.


Meat privilege


You must make a web comic. If you don't I am going to steal your style and do it myself.


I made this for my profile page to match L1 color scheme ( ^ω^ )
(also hello this is my first post!)


@dot404 I'll give it a shot once my crippling depression subsidies

Here's my attempt at foreshorting