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Post pictures of what you ate!



Pizza… 2 of them. And being the idiot I am, I completely forgot the meat on one of them…

Tomato sauce, mushrooms, bacon, onion, cheese, oregano, salt and pepper…


I see a lack of mushrooms :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s under the cheese, but yes. There could be way more mushrooms…


Went to a new restaurant in the next town over last night and of course forgot to take a photo of dessert (an amazing blueberry crisp with sour cream ice cream), but here’s dinner, a very tasty house made veggie burger (red bean/quinoa):

The pickle was good too.


@Positron kinda challenged me with he’s meal, so here is my response:

Chicken breast, sliced in half, stuffed with bacon, mushrooms, olives and cheese, wrapped in bacon and tin foil…

Baking currently in the oven with potatoes with some green herbs…

Technically I am cheating, since I haven’t ate it yet.
There will be an update in about an hour, when the food is done…

PS: here’s the final result:


Musaka… A little bit burned, but still tasty…


Salad and Chicken Croissants:

Shredded chicken in a cambert velouté sauce wrapped in a puff pastry.

Chicken Croissants, as easy or as hard as you want

Yes pls

That salad looks good af too


Was lazy with the salad it is a store bought spring mix with some balsamic vinaigrette


Looks like some baby spinach in there, I like that and arugula with some balsamic vinaigrette, feel like it needs something else though.


I put honey roasted pecans and dried cranberries on top of salads like that.




Salad and cheese for a snack.


good idea I need some Craisins


Failed omelet, turned into scrambled eggs with mushrooms and green onions. Looks far worse than it tastes. Not bad for a failure. my life motto.


Yesterday’s dinner was edamame spaghetti with marinara, mushrooms, green bell peppers, sliced garlic and Tofurky italian sausage topped with some parmesan.


fried chicken wangs


fried fish with onion-lemon salsa


cheetoes in a jar


mom’s eggroll