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Post pictures of what you ate!



I threw some stuff in the oven, and this is what I got:

There’s pork, rice, pasta, some vegetables and stuff…


Fastelavn today, so we eat these



Jam or marzipan?


Raspberry jam and whipped cream.


I’m on team marzipan, so that makes us mortal enemies mr. raspberry jam!


I hate both of you, those look amazing right now.

Made another unmeat log last night, although this one wasn’t quite as good as the first. Going for a “chicken” flavor and it’s a little bland. Should be good in saucy recipes though. The “grainy” look is from flax meal, since I didn’t have any chickpea flour (probably why it’s a bit bland).


Poached eggs with yogurt garlic sauce and fried cayenne…
On the side you may notice just white cheese and cayenne pepper.


Am I annoying already? No? Here’s another one…
Kachamak with schnitzel…

Similar to this with small changes…

The filling is white cheese, bacon and some vegetables…


We can be annoying together?

Yesterday’s lunch was steamed broccoli, mushrooms and homemade seitan on top of kale and tomato and topped with Deer Creek Rattlesnake cheddar cheese (made with habanero peppers and tequila). It was pretty good. The cheese itself is amazing of course.


You have so much to catch on to me :smiley:


I’ve only been here six months… I’ll get there :crazy_face:


Just a plain vegetable soup…


Nachos with homemade salsa and a bechamel Quesadilla/Chihuahua sauce.


Pre-gym snack is 40g of almonds with fresh orange and greek yogurt.


Rice with sausage, and cheese bread. It’s bread with cheese in the dough…


Knocked up this for lunch at work, octopus tarine with a beet pure thing hahaha cant remember the name


That’s a damn fancy looking lunch, did you get full on that?


na dude it was more just practice for work hahah. but yeh i don’t eat a large amount anyway


If you manage to get that pregnant I’d have to say I’d be impressed!

Dinner last night was another wrap (I do like simplicity in a meal) with avocado, onions, kale, Beyond Meat mock chicken with poblano peppers and some Tillamook smoked medium cheddar:


Pernile (Puerto Rican roast pork), gravy, rice, green beans sauteed in olive oil & herbs.
I haven’t cooked like this in ages.

Super Yum!