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Post pictures of what you ate!



ramen with black garlic oil


del taco taco


Spicy Italian sammich

salami, pepperoni, fire brasied ham, provolone, pepperoncini, lettuice, olive tepenade, sprouts


I hope that wasn’t all in one day.


Ramen with eggs over medium, and extra green onions.

EDIT: Eggs turned out “medium” in the middle, because of the heat of the broth. Which is fine.


Potato fans with ham and cheese and bechamel…


Wait for it… another wrap!

Baked mock chicken with poblano pepper and smoked cheddar on top of tomato, a little kale and an avocado spread made with red onions, cayenne powder, garlic powder and smoked sea salt. It was quite good.


Surprise, another bread rolls. This time with ham and cheese inside, with leftover bechamel from yesterday, some olives and a thing we make from time to time - tomato sauce with chopped onion and some greenery in it…


Some Italian lentil pasta soup, that I added some pork and stuff to…


Made meat muffins (mini meat loafs) stuffed with with cheese with a homemade ketchup and salad.


Eggwhite omelette with paprika and cheese.


I have to ask - Why only egg whites ?


Healthier I assume


The yellows are considered to have most of the calories in the eggs and is problematic for people with high cholesterol…


Actually not true this is based on the American Health Organization rules from 1977, however since 1999 there is the first study by Harvard School of Public health that proves that eating yolks is not only not bad for your cholesterol but it is actually good for you because it contains a lot of vitamins and essential fats.

The only reason good enough maybe because you want to eat only the protein and skip the fat of the egg but in this case just buy a protein powder its cheaper.


What we’ve really discovered is that dietary cholesterol has little effect on bodily cholesterol. The best thing you can do to lower cholesterol is exercise (not that there aren’t people who need medication, but really humans are not good at being sedentary).

@tsk inspired me though, and I made 3-egg omelettes for breakfast with mushrooms, poblano pepper, red onions and Sweet Fire Mango Jack cheese from Kindred Creamery (so good). I topped mine with greek yogurt:


I used the yolks to make ice cream.


That is also a good enough reason I approve this !


Pork chop with spices, oven baked and mushroom rice…


Croissant dough stuffed with ground beef and cheese. Delicious.