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2700x is binned higher can usually get an extra 150mhz in my experience.


selected the chips that made sense for my budget already. It’s somewhat inconsequential (within this selection) which i go with in my setup so i was just curious what people thought made sense, or preferred.


TR 1000 series is still pretty cheap.


What to cook for dinner?

  • Chicken something
  • Pork something
  • Vegetarian something

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No fish and no other meats…


Mkay, voting over… I will show you what I came up with later…


Gear/petrol heads, next truck purchase?

  • Limited slip posi
  • Traction bars
  • Brake rotors,pads,hoses

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Did someone say tapestry?


Nice attempt at obscurity,
Department of Homeland Security


I kinda need a push to go back to work on my game so how about a pre-Christmas creative challange where you DYI something?
We used to have those in the forum back in the day, and now it’s kinda stale. We haven’t had a creative challenge in a long long while. So what say you, members of the L1T forum?

  • Let’s have a creative challenge
  • Let’s not have a creative challenge
  • Turnip

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Like, share and subscribe…


Maybe expand devember


Are we having devember? It’s already kinda wordplay on both November and December, so…


The entire month of December.

You can start now if you like.


Well then, shush my mouth…
If we have devember that kinda fixes my issue…


I’m down. Is this a big, cohesive project or something we independently go for?


From last year.


I don’t even like turnips…


Spoliers: already have a template ready for this year’s. :wink:


More like independent stuff…
That shelf you always wanted to fix, but didn’t find time, now you are challenged to bling in up a bit… That thing you started doing an put aside for later… That corpse you wanted to cannibalize, but don’t feel like… And share with the community…
Basically a spark of creativity into the forum.


Hm… My creative challenge isn’t really dev related, but I was going to use software and make a website


:open_hands: Good