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Thanks to TechPowerUp it can be flashed back.


I have absolutely no idea so I rather not…
Also, gaming 570-150€… Mining 570-350 euros… Brand new 570 - 250-300 euros…


I think mine might have been flashed, it shows as an RX580. Any way to check if it’s flashed?

Edit: To clarify, it’s an RX570




would flashing the Bios be bad for AMD or Nvidia Specifically? I would assume theres limits that miners would try to surpass to get maximum performance.


My gtx 560 died from just playing gta online. But I think the game is to blame for it honestly since that game is known for volting the hell out of a computer. Well it didn’t die. It just has artifacts. And crashes when when the computer logs into windows 10. I would do a solder reflow. But I don’t wanna get a new toaster oven and waste thermal paste. So getting a mined gpu can be a gamble. Because they could have simulated 5 to 6 years of use if the cards were not undervolted in mining situations.


I enjoy the current colour scheme, its dark enough to not be distracting


Get out


Can’t find the door because of all these turnips.


depends on the climate the car is mainly in


rebuilding my rig with hardline, either going to share interesting tidbits or make a log which would you guys prefer.

  • post tidbits in the lounge
  • build log

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Build Log for sure. I think you also get a badge for it as well :wink:


i mean, i’ve made build logs in the past. They’ve been a lot more jank than this is going to be though.


I didn’t. Are you supposed to ask for them?


they are manually assigned, yes

  • Tapestry
  • Paint
  • Hipster exposed brickwork aka pay double for half the work
  • Retro wood paneling
  • I can’t afford walls

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I’m considering a new processor as my 4790k is slowly dying. Use is purely gaming. I think I already know the route i’m going just curious what you guys think for shits and giggles.

Oh and resolution is 3440x1440

    • 2700x (8c/16t
    • 9700k (8c/8t)
    • 8086k(6c/12t)
    • 8700k(6c/12t)

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AMD is great value but if you want a second nvme for raid or add in a second GPU you’re probably going to be struggling.

Also without a budget its hard to make a recommendation. I’d otherwise say do the 8086 because of the neat factor.

I just went middle of the road…


Why the 2700X, though?
2700 and OC it yourself, save a few bucks.