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Hey mate where can I find the 0801 Beta UEFI or the latest beta? Their main site only shows 0701 and that looks like an old AGESA update?

EDIT- spoke too soon, https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?95413-Zenith-Extreme-Beta-UEFI-0801/page4

I’m getting an error though when extracting the 0801 RAR provided -

	UNRAR 3.60 beta 6 freeware      Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Alexander Roshal

	~/Downloads/beta/ROG-ZENITH-EXTREME-ASUS-0801.rar is not RAR archive
	No files to extract


There are also some settings I would recommend changing. We should do that once you are ready. One change everyone should do, especially on air and OC if you want.

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Weirdly the RAR download cannot be extracted hmm…

Use WinZip or equivilent…

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Hi all,

I talk about all the mechanical keyboards I’ve amassed, plans for the first Threadripper build, a look at the pfSense router (on the table) and some other bits about going 10G.

Core components have started to arrive for the Ballin’ AF Workstation build…


Hi all,

The core bits arrived in a single Amazon order (as you may have seen in my recent vlogs) and so my first task was to get a ‘smoke’ test (as I like to call it) done.



Couple interesting points to note -

  • With the TR4-SP3 Noctua cooler (NHU-14S), I had it installed at offset 0; even if I had moved it to offset +6, it would make no difference in terms of blocking the top-most PCIe slot. This is a total PITA as that top slot is a 16x slot. Ugh.
  • The EVGA GTX1080Ti FTW3 - incredible over-the-top cooler for sure. At idle, all three-fans are basically off. Sure, in Fedora, it doesn’t draw much in idle… just 13W

This is with the box sitting at the Fedora 26 (gnome) login-screen. I’m basically tmuxed in until a long Display Port cable arrives.

    [[email protected] opt]# nvidia-smi
    Wed Nov  8 12:15:34 2017
    | NVIDIA-SMI 384.69                 Driver Version: 384.69                    |
    | GPU  Name        Persistence-M| Bus-Id        Disp.A | Volatile Uncorr. ECC |
    | Fan  Temp  Perf  Pwr:Usage/Cap|         Memory-Usage | GPU-Util  Compute M. |
    |   0  GeForce GTX 108...  Off  | 00000000:09:00.0  On |                  N/A |
    |  0%   36C    P8    13W / 280W |    281MiB / 11167MiB |      0%      Default |

    | Processes:                                                       GPU Memory |
    |  GPU       PID  Type  Process name                               Usage      |
    |    0      1464    G   /usr/libexec/Xorg                               19MiB |
    |    0      1550    G   /usr/bin/gnome-shell                            49MiB |
    |    0      2522    G   /usr/libexec/Xorg                               82MiB |
    |    0      2651    G   /usr/bin/gnome-shell                           123MiB |
    |    0      3800    G   nvidia-settings                                  3MiB |
  • On the ROG board, there aren’t too many fan headers towards the top of the board.
  • I’ve resorted to using the 3rd (longer) PCIe slot as this is the only other 16x slot.

The Corsair Dominator Plat. 32GB DDR4 3200MT/s RAM I’m using is the same identical kit and item off Amazon, however, this time I received 2x 16GB of v4.31 instead of the v4.24 variant that I got with the Gigabyte 1950X build.

I followed the same process this time around, on the stock UEFI (I haven’t updated it yet), which is 0401 on the ROG board with the following config-

CPU VCore 1.4vdc
VCore SOC 1.1vdc
DRAM Channel 1.48vdc
XMP - disabled
Memory manually set to 3200 MT/s
Timings manually set to 16-18-18-18-36

I first tried 1.45vdc on the DIMMs, but later increased this to 1.48vdc. It was far easier to get this kit to boot at 3200MT/s. I also disabled Asus’ Overclocking Enhancement, as I didn’t want all the cores being pushed to 4GHz+ in no-load conditions.



Today, I moved all the hardware into a second Corsair 570X Tempered Glass case, which isn’t meant to support E-ATX. There’s a wee-bit of flex on the mainboard PCB, and I haven’t fully tightened the screws on the very right side. The middle screw on the very-right side has also not been added. It’s mainly held but the same spots one would find on a normal ATX board, but with a few turns for the top/bottom E-ATX spots. I was way gentle here, as I didn’t want to fracture traces etc.


As you can imagine, that first boot was wee bit stressful. I either flexed it just right, or just blew $500+ Couple video-clips of quick-n-dirty reactions… that first POST haha, I was relieved for sure… :smile:

…and you’re all caught up now.

I’ve also shared IOMMU details of this board here.

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Oh, a rather fabulous 4K 42.5" monitor from Dell arrived as well, which only got on my radar after a fantastic review by @wendell and the crew…


PS - What is Ryan’s forum handle and twitter? Same for Krista?

@ryan https://twitter.com/pgpryan
@kreestuh https://twitter.com/kreestuh



For some reason, every time I see you post a reference smoke test it makes me think you’re hoping for smoke.

Even a 1080 Ti shouldn’t need 16 PCIe lanes. Your choice obviously, but x8 should be perfectly fine for to saturate the card.

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Haha… think it goes back to my bench testing of electronics, just expecting a transistor or cap to pop…!!

Actually that’s a good point, but what’s worse - x16 slot vs covering that RGB ROG logo in the x8 slot :open_mouth:

Oh, I’m sure. Plus, it’s exciting to frantically try to put the smoke back in.

Please surrender your threadripper system. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Disabled or auto is fine, if you enable it though it will not read temps correctly as it put somewhere around 20c offset, cooler. I enabled it and the MB reported my CPU temp to be 11c. I had an argument with a guy on the ROG forums that claimed his CPU temp was 18c with Enermax AIO, problem is his room temperature is 23c.

What you do want to disable is ‘core enhancement’. This will auto overclock your CPU to turbo speeds, 24/7. That in itself is not necessarily bad, but your voltages will be all over the place and too high. Much higher than needed. That will have a very adverse effect to anyone air cooling.

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That BIOS does not contain the new Agesa update. You need 0501 or higher to get it. Only 0503 or 0701 on Asus website have it. You should be able to use DOCP for your ram then, thus lowering your ram voltage.

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Appreciate the advice mate - I normally flash the UEFI first thing, but for whatever reason the Asus Easy Flash couldn’t get a DHCP ip (huh?) - I’ll do it the manual way on a USB…

Mine would not recognize being connected to the internet until OS installed.

Try OC 3.8 at circa 1.23250v. By manually setting it will stabilize clock speeds and voltages which in turn will stabilize heat. In real world and all my testing, 3.8 was the sweet spot. XFR causes heat spikes and OC all cores negates XFR benefit.

I hope you can get that stable. My confidence in Corsair ram is zero.

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Friday, 10th November 2017 – Cloning the boot Fedora 26 Install from the Samsung 850 PRO to a 960 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD

This was rather quick work, given that this wrote at almost 1 GB/s, which while it may be slow for the 960 PRO, remember its source SSD is not only the boot drive but also caps out ~550MB/s (read).

# Clone the AHCI SSD to the NVMe SSD
dcfldd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/nvme0n1 status=on bs=64K


However, there’s a catch. I spent most of the evening today trying to figure out why the NVMe drive alone would screw up booting Fedora 26. And then it dawned on me… dracut was the missing sauce!.

I don’t know about you, but Dracut is my least favorite program on the planet. That program is completely unintelligible and doesn’t even work as documented on the wiki.

reasons I keep wanting to move back to arch…

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What was even more surprising though was the amount of Googling I had to do to find how to fix moving from AHCI > NVME for Fedora… and yeah, it took a good evening of much trial-error.

Thankfully that 1GB/s write to the NVMe SSD made it so much less painful…

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