Never say never, ordered an Intel i9-7920X

Hi all,

Following from my testing with Threadripper having built 2x 1950X rigs, and receiving a second X399 Zenith Extreme board from Amazon, just yesterday, I pulled the trigger on ordering an X299 Intel rig with an Intel Core i9-7920X Processor BX80673I97920X and ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E GAMING LGA2066 mainboard.


I’m quite pleased with the Threadripper 1950X / Zenith Extreme build — as a workstation I don’t mind ‘tinkering’ where needed. However, for something I typically need to rely on, I want to be able to have months of uptime without the constant need of babysitting and tinkering.

When trying to install XenServer on the first TR build, I ran into an error, which had more to do with the annoying use of a ‘Killer NIC’ by Gigabyte than anything else, but I saw this as an indication of potential painpoints to come.

Also, the issues surrounding GPU passthough etc on the TR platform needs more time to sort out - time beyond the expiration of Amazon’s return policies. Given the Gigabyte board is from September, granted I’ll have to sell this off, but I can still return 1x 1950X and the second Zenith Extreme board for a complete refund.

So my combo will be the “newer” 1950X/X399 Zenith Extreme build (as a workstation) and this 7920X/ROG Strix x299 for “Server” duties. Chances are, I’ll settle on a type-1 (bare metal) hypervisor and any future upgrades would most likely include an Intel 10G SFP card.

Another requirement that I plan to address in 2018 is a ZFS replication box, and even though this doesn’t have ECC RAM, I may consider just yoloing it, until I can burn some funds for a Xeon box at that time. It would be interesting to run FreeBSD/FreeNAS in a VM and PCI-pass through to an LSI card that I have (which has an ‘IT’ mode, that supposedly plays nicely with FreeNAS).

If anyone’s interested in grabbing either the first 1950X I got, or the Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7, please give me a shout. Once I’ve taken proper snaps, I’ll list these in the for-sale section in the coming week(s).

Cheers M.


This year marks the return of choice to the HEDT market. Isn’t it great having a choice?

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It is!! I may end up keeping the spare 1950X system and setup a second workstation. Oh so tempted :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Keeping a 1950X system around for shits and giggles is goin to cause some envy around these here forums.

Having one makes me jealous! :joy:

Well, it just dawned on me - I can gut the 6850K/Sabertooth Tuf X99 box, giving it a good clean (been dusty since Nov 2016). It has 32gigs of Corsair Dominator Plats (only 3,000 MT/s) but that would suffice, and a HX1000i PSU. Dual SSDs, one is a 950Pro Samsung NVMe and another 850 Pro 1TB SSD. These can all be ‘re-used’ along with the HX115i AIO.

That system has been performing fabulously well, and if it ain’t broke I usually don’t tinker much. Makes for a great excuse to justify dual 1950X rigs!

I can also upgrade the newer 1950X rig to 64GB RAM (using the 3200MT/s kit from the ex-Gigabyte ripper) and throw in a 32GB kit of Crucial Ballistix Elite into the incoming i9-7920X “server” box.

I’m in a head spin looking at current RAM pricing - the Ballistix Elite sticks only cost me $84 back in Aug-Nov 2016, and I see folks selling these for >$170 per 16GB kit on the 'bay. I really don’t want to buy anymore RAM until Samsung’s new stock hits the market and we see prices drop into 2018 Q1/Q2…

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On the flip-side, there’ll be so many new models out in the next 5-years I’d be as jelly as you are now…

Wait are you actually in Sri Lanka? As shipping from there to most anyone else sounds like a huge pain.

Yes, I live in Colombo.

Not really, I ship via DHL and items reach the US within 2-3 days. Fully insured, trackable 24/7.

The only pain I have to endure is when receiving dutiable shipments, which now is far less given that Amazon’s Global Shipping is a DDP (duty paid) service. One hop from Cincinnati to East midlands (think Yorkshire) in UK, then a straight flight from London Heathrow - gets here in about 2 days (total) and is delivered to the door.

So what would the shipping cost? Any idea on total price + shipping? Newegg is going to have a black friday sale with it for $799, not that I’m exactly prepared to drop that much on a CPU, I think I’ll be waiting for Threadripper 2.

Yeah, I won’t be able to compete with NewEgg on shipping for sure. DHL is ~$80 to US/UK.