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General Guideline for Making Threads



All users are welcomed and encouraged to make threads.

Before you make a thread here are some basic general guidelines:

  1. The Main Purpose of a thread is to encourage other users to post in response to the creation of your thread.

  2. Your Title of Your Thread should be brief and descriptive of the Subject of the Thread. Use Tags

  3. The Body of the Thread should being talking about the subject of the thread. If it is video: Share your thoughts on the video and what is the video about. If it is a link to a news story: Share what is the news story about, what do you think about the news story.

  4. Invite other members to respond to what you posted.

  5. If your thread does not encourage or create the opportunity for discussion/response, then don’t make it.

What to do if you want your thread closed

There are three type of threads you could make, that you would want to have closed:

  • Buying/Selling/Trading Thread
  • Helpdesk Thread
  • Recommendation Thread

How do you get them closed?:
You have two options. You could pm a leader or moderator and ask for it to be closed. The other option editing the title of your thread.

Editing the Title
Go to click the pencil icon next to your title.

For Buying/Selling/Trading Threads add in brackets the word bought/sold/traded to the front of your thread title. Examples:

[Bought] 1st Edition Waffle Iron
[Sold] 1st Edition Waffle Iron
[Traded] 1st Edition Waffle Iron

For Helpdesk Threads add in brackets Solved to the front of your thread title. Example:

[Solved] Wi Fi Issues on Debian
[Solved] AMD Driver Issue

For Recommendation Threads add in brackets Recommendation Picked or Item Picked or Solved to the front of your thread title. Example:

[Recommendation Picked] Best Waffle Maker
[Item Picked] Good Microphone
[Solved] Best 21:9 Monitor for AMD

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