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Devember 2018



ThreadRipper 3?


No that’d be RiceRipper.


i wish
pcbs and components and shit


Relates to my current job. Using swing with regards to the software I’m working on


Don’t mean to rush or pressure you bro, but…


Devember - Relearning to program using Python

I’m on it, damn it. I have seven minutes left.
types frantically


there you go :grin:

also, @Dynamic_Gravity when adding my name to the “Participants List” I got the error “You can only mention 10 people in one post”


I reckon that counts as a #devember2k18 success because we didn’t reach that limit last year :smile:



now we just need to all finish it :wink:


It’s Dec.1-st where I live. I can start now :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, not now, cause I’m still at work, but let’s say when I go home and made my dinner…?


It is here also! I just woke up and had a coffee… I should make a start!




You’re all very late to that game, it’s been December here since Monday … ahem … :innocent:


I’ll just do what I always do, watch the thread while breaking things so I can fix them… Then again I’m always breaking things just so I can fix them. Though before I do anything I should probably fix python3 and quit using a Debian VM for it, but to be fair PIP broke python3 so I can only take partial credit…




Lol! Replace Kotlin with Haskell and you’ve got my three favorite platforms right now.


Woooohoooo lets goooo


add your name to the participants list on top!

:fireworks::fireworks: woohooo!! hype! :sunglasses:


@kreestuh are you going to continue your project from last year?


we have 14 entries up until now!