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Asrock X570d4u, x570d4u-2L2T discussion thread

Since this forum has been immensely helpful to me in my journey to build my own NAS and virtualisation server , i have enjoyed reading the content here , there are really lots of intelligent people here , the kind of people that makes you feel like a complete noob when they speak even though you have spent your entire life in IT lol

Anyways i have been reading the X470D4u thread and this is kinda the only forum which had some quality discussion on such niche board like that.

Since ASROCK RACK has launched the next iteration of the board that is x570d4u , x570d4u - 2L2T i thought to create a thread for all the discussion on these boards.

i have been in talks with ASROCK RACK and they have been kind enough to provide me the preliminary manual and the block diagram which i am sharing here let the discussion begin :slight_smile:



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I kindly invite you all to give your views on this board , would really like to listen to what you all have to say, thanks :slight_smile:

Personally I prefer the PCIE layout of X470D4U, I’m using all the 3 slots:
x8: ConnectX-3 40GbE
x4: SAS3224 HBA
x8: PLX8724 4 port U2 adapter.

I don’t think full bandwidth M.2 slot is really useful in a server.

I chose the m.2 to U.2 900p optane option over the AIC… so I can keep my pcie slots for stuff that only comes as AIC (HBA/10Gb NIC/etc)

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that’s a interesting point you have raised i was also thinking on the same line , if the slot was a physical x8 slot just like x470d4u you could put a capable NIC or HBA into it.

hello @nx2l can you please show me the m.2 to u.2 adapter that you mentioned , it might be useful to my use case also as i am also on the fence to whether to choose between the x470 or x570 version.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

theres two options…
u.2 cable and m.2 to u.2 connector


all in one cable…


@nx2l thanks a lot of man , i never knew such a thing existed i’ll definitely look into it. :slight_smile:

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Can’t comment on it at all as I do not own it.

this is the preliminary manual for the reference as shared by the ASROCK representative it is a pdf file i have hosted on google drive , please tag or dm if you want me to share as screenshot or mail you directly.

that’s a fair point , i am in talks of getting one and it will come at the end of the august if all goes well, would share my experience here.

I’m using a MB699VP-B 4-bay NVME enclosure with PLX8724 adapter. Currently I’ve 2*P4510 4TB installed, damn they are hot :rofl:

I shifted gears and am now using the X399D8A-2T because I wanted/needed more PCIe lanes. So far it has not disappointed.

Dual 10gig X550-AT2 hanging off a pcie 3.0 x4 … hmm, I guess most folks don’t really have a need for 10gigs up+ 10gigs down simultaneously, on each of the two ports (40 gbps total, whereas 4 lanes of 3.0 is 32gbps). Not good for a router but probably good enough for other uses that are unlikely to saturate this. this is fine, see below.

I’ve been using a PCIe 3.0 x4 X550-AT2 ethernet adapter, since PCIe 3.0 x4 offers 32 Gb/s bidirectionally you can operate a dual 10 Gb NIC without any bottleneck with it.

Wanted to maybe check out the X570D4U, don’t like that it only has two regular PCIe slots >= x4, if I counted correctly it should have been possible to get an additional x4 slot from the X570 chipset without sacrificing one of the M.2 slots :confused:


I overlooked that part ! … yes, in this case I like it for a router build definitely. (the kind of router that does a lot more than routing table in/out)

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