You Must Be Trust Level 1 Now To Sell Items

From hence forth, only trust level 1 (or higher) members are permitted to sell items. Any member may buy.


So what badge does that equate to/how would one check their trust level?

EDIT: And how would one increase their trust level if needed?


I was wondering same thing. Probably needs clarification.

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I'm assuming "Trust Level 1" is Member status, rather than Basic User.

ive been a user several years and Im still a basic user.

i think this is kinda the same as car ownership.
just because you've owned the car 12 years doesnt mean you've driven it much, its not necessarily a worn in car if you've only driven it 10 miles every other month.

at the same time, you've already got 700 something posts, and from what i see a fairly good response from most people, so i dont get it either shrugs

i guess it maybe that i am not on here consistently, usually on a bunch for a week or 2 at a time then im gone for a bit.

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i feel im the same way, except even less active. :P
i get really into my three forums and twitch channels for a week and then my body tells me to live like in the olden days >_<

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You can search discourse badges and the requirements for each level are there. Not sure if they all still apply, I know level 4 must be granted.

  • Trust level 1 is Basic user.
  • Trust level 2 is Member.
    Those levels get granted automaticly.

So this isn't even a severe limitation then.

Click here to learn more about trust levels.


Same, I'm not posting every day but I do check in everyday to see what I can do. I'm only a member where others I see doing the same are either Regulars or Leaders lol I'm not complaining, once I'm recognized I'm sure I'll be awarded a level up but until then I'm fine. to keep in mind there are A LOT of users on this forum.

Well we dont have manny regular users, only 16 to be precise.
You need to accomplish a fair amount of tasks to grant trust level 3.
Leaders are trust level 4, and can only be granted by mods or admins.


Of course, and again I'm not complaining. It's just a funny thought and probably because I'm ignorant to the exact requirements to each trust level :P
I'm happy doing as much as I can to bring the community closer and solving problems at any trust level I'm granted.

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So im guessing im still such a low level since i have been active enough since the implementation of this new system. lets see if i can change that over break lol.

I'm trying to keep out the scammers... should we do trust level 2?


Heatware is nice. Would teksyndicate allow heatware users in good standing to post as well? I know I'm not the only one who scours buy/sell forums for good deals.

I agree with making it level 2.

wait is level 2 member or regular? i agree with this limitation so theres less of a chance to be scammed