[For Sale] [UK] Extreme 4K Custom Watercooled PC

Here I have for sale my Extreme Gaming Computer that I built 3 months ago. A bit of background on this build, I started ordering and collecting parts for it around July time. Components such as the graphics cards were not very well stocked in the UK in that time period as they had just launched, the memory modules had to imported from Germany as there were none in this colour in the UK either. Almost all of the fittings, res, pump top and accessories for the res had to be imported from the Netherlands! This build went way over budget as I originally thought I could source most of the parts within this country, but oh well it has been a great experience never the less. The system was completed around mid October and ran leak and stress tests for a few days straight. After that it wasn't used much as I went away for a month. So basically total usage till now has probably been between 2-3 months. Now enough chatter and onto the important stuff.

Hardware Specification:

Processor: Intel i7 6700k
Motherboard: MSI Z170A Xpower Gaming Titanium Edition
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz White/Aluminum
Storage 1: Samsung 950 PRO 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD SM950 Solid State Drive
Storage 2: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD/Solid State Drive
Graphics Cards: 2x EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition
SLI Bridge: EVGA PRO 2 Way HB/High Bandwidth SLI Bridge
Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 1000W P2 Modular Platinum
Custom Cables: EVGA Red Braided Cable Set
Case: Be Quiet! Silver Dark Base PRO 900

Cooling Specification:

CPU: EKWB MSI Z170A XPOWER Titanium Nickel Motherboard Monoblock
GPU Waterblocks: 2x EK-FC1080 GTX - Nickel
GPU Backplates: 2x EK-FC1080 GTX - Nickel
Radiators: HWLabs Nemesis GTS 420, HWLabs Nemesis GTX 360
Fans: 3x NoiseBlocker BlackSilentPro 140mm PK-PS PWM, 3x NB BlackSilentPro 120mm PL-PS PWM
Pump: EK Water Blocks EK-D5 PWM G2 Motor (12V DC PWM Pump Motor)
Pump Top: Bitspower D5 / MCP655 Mod Kit V2 - Black Sparkle Finish
Pump Top: Bitspower D5 MOD TOP Clear "S"
Res: Bitspower Dual / Single D5 Top Upgrade Kit 200 (Clear Acrylic Cap)
Res Accessories: Bitspower Z-CAP II With G1/4" x 3 (Clear Acrylic Version), Bitspower G1/4" Black Sparkle Aqua-Pipe II
Tubing: Monsoon PETG Tubing 16/12mm (ID 1/2" OD 5/8") - Clear
Fittings: Various Bitspower fittings in Black Sparkle finish. Way too many to list!
Temp Sensor: XSPC LCD Display Temperature Sensor - White - V2 - G1/4 Plug Sensor
Coolant: Mayhems Pastel Ice White


I built this system with silence and longevity in mind, not so much to break overclocking records or push my hardware to it's limits. That said I tried to see what I could get without sacrificing noise (aka higher fan speed). On the i7 I manage to get it stable at 4.6ghz with 1.36v. I played a few CPU intensive games and the overclock did show, but not enough to justify itself hence why it was put back down to stock (4.2ghz full time) and I dialed down the voltage to keep temps even lower. If left on default the motherboard will set it to "auto voltage" and that has caused temp spikes for no reason before so I really recommend anyone with a stock i7 to at least dial down their voltage to what it should be for the speed they run. As for the GPUs, with SLI disabled I can run with +220 on clock speed and +500 on memory, giving me around 2100-2140mhz in most games with temps being around 46-50C (that is with a rather warm room temperature!). When in SLI I dial down the clock to +200 and memory to +300 to keep it on the safe side as it can be more unstable.

So what do you get for your money?
You will receive this pre-built extremely powerful and very quiet gaming PC with a fresh install of a Genuine Windows 10 copy and the latest drivers already done for you. A lot of money was spent on this in order to build it with the highest quality parts I could find in Europe! It will be pre-overclocked to safe levels so you do not need to mess around with that and I will include all of the original packaging and manuals that I still have left from the purchase, most of it is sat intact in the garage. I will also help you get started and explain anything you are unsure about (components, how certain things work, how to safely overclock it even higher, how to adjust fan/pump speeds and so on). The system has RGB lighting inside which is controlled via a button at the front of the case. The case also has wireless charging for Android Phones as you can see on one of the pictures. The glass panel is tempered glass with a very slight tint.

The only problem I should mention is the little scratch at the top of the case which was caused by the delivery company. Thankfully since it does not affect the wireless charging module which sits under the plastic top, I have not been bothered to open a case and fight over it for a few months...


As far as payment goes I would prefer cash in hand or bank transfer once we have spoken about the sale. I am pretty sure most people who are serious enough to buy this, would ideally like to come and see it working first and collect it themselves. I am more than happy to drive up to 100 miles at my own expense to deliver the system and help you get started. I don't even want to think about what posting this system is going to cost once you factor in insurance and the fact that there are lot of fragile components inside! I will also find any other accessories I can include in the sale such as soft tubing and a funnel for draining and filling the loop, extra coolant I have spare, some extra hardline fittings I have laying about, spare o-rings and so on! The price is pretty solid, and in my eyes fair as this has cost me way over the £5500 mark to build as many of the parts had to be imported from all across Europe, and the system has not had much usage either!

I have many more pictures and am happy to provide any information you request. If you need to get in touch then PM me and we can arrange a call. Thank you for looking!

UK Buyers only!

More Pictures can be seen on the Ebay add here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=262809534346#ht_1582wt_1397

Price: £3999

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