Selling a damaged Laptop(Screen), buy a new one

Hi Community!

I get straight to what I wanna do. I just look for your opinion.
I have an G580 Lenovo which has a few scratches(And some screen bumperpads thingis are missing) and issues on the screen->Black dots and lines which grow very fast. That said this Laptop needs a screen replacement.

The specs of this device are(bought for 600€ without OS):
[email protected],10Ghz
GT 635M 2GB
And it runs 1366x768 max(Glossy)-> replacement will be non-glossy

The newer device I want to get is a Lenovo IdeaPad 500-15ISK 80NT00UDGE(500€)
[email protected],30Ghz
R7 M360 2GB

Despite the screen issue how much should I charge for my old device(Seeing the specs I would charge 300€ max)? Should I replace the screen before selling? I plan on keeping the HDD's so I would sell the G580 without them (new screens about 50€).

I want to sell the Laptop on ebay but I'm open to suggestions and if anyone wants to buy this Laptop I'm happy to trade with anyone. Also If you have any suggestions for a other Laptop that I should buy tell me. I really wanted GPU, illuminated keyboard, numpad and a 1920x1080 screen. That for 500€ seems not bad.

BTW I'm in austria so prices are very likely to be similar to the german market.

1st You are not allowed to sell/buy items as a basic user.

2nd There is a market place section of the forum.

3rd you need a time stamped picture of the item.

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