X570D4I-2T U-NAS build

Let me just say the complaints on these U-NAS cases are deserved, what pieces of shit. one of my brackets was totally mis-stamped in the sheet metal pressing machine at the factory. the cover damn near needs a mallet to get on and off. i’m no newb, i know how to use a welder, cut off wheel, blow torch, whole saw and soldering iron. i’m not be a genius but, i thought it was just newbs complaining about these cases.

With all the hubub on various chipset temps gettting hot, i decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone after staring at a gap on the PCB.

Seems to fit!

Fits well no binding on fan blades! HOWEVER it does cover an inductor. hopefully it doens’t get too hot or warm. as globed on a ton 'o hot glue to stick this bad boy in.

oh god the damn bracket!

at first i thought the rectangle tabs were too wide and phat, which may have been true but, soon i’d see it still wouldn’t line up.

What you DON’T see is like 10mm of mini washers between the bracket and the case!
That how far the holes for those mobo mounting studs were!!! i paid FULL price for this case! it was NOT cheap!

With the board mounted up i wanted to see how i’d cool the raid controller

1st step is speed holes in the back!

you can just see the samsung 970 Evo Pro. the more holes the better the temps

now we can MOVE the air! plenty of hot glue unfortunately. if you had a spot welder you could completely tear down the case and maybe spot weld a tiny internal metal tab and stick or glue or strap the fan in that way.

righter over the ram and part of the heat sink.

This is why i keep old laptop cooling fans. wouldn’t mind finding some newer/new ones for cheap. so you’d not installing something with so many miles clocked on it.

There’s that dumb ass bracket at the bottom of the motherboard. so much bastardardization!

yeah buddy gotta like that roper whitney punch!!! Plenty of speed holes!

i made up some brackets out of steel bar and made use of the feet holes/screws.

get you a roper whitney punch! grabbed an old one from eBay some while back.

Temps aren’t bad!

at least 10c lower than stock on x570 and intel X550 chips


Ryzen 3400G quad core
2x 16gb Kingston ECC DDR4 SODIMM
Dell PERC H700 1gb
4x SeaGate Iron Wolf NAS 12Tb 7200rpm
AsRock X570D4I-2T motherboard w/ Intel X550 10g Nics and BMC
U-NAS case w/ Delta PSU 2xx watts
Some laptop blower fans

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