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Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]



So, I found out the issue with Cinnamon. The issue SPECIFICALLY is to do with WINE freaking out in full-screen mode when a game (Both DXVK and wined3d) in WINE/Proton goes full screen. Windowed mode seems fine, but full-screen is all sorts of messed up.

They are no closer to a resolution, so if you game in full screen a lot, switch to KDE if you plan to also stream/record at the same time. This is going to go unsolved for a VERY long time.

Edit: They attempted a patch to Muffin in Muffin 4.0.6 but that did not solve the Xcomposite issue with OBS, nor did it solve the FreeSync issues.


Bad news PUBG fans… Looks like PUBG will never work on Steam Play.


So I was fed up with the absolutely terrible performance of Civilization VI on Linux because the D3D11 CPU bottleneck - I am able to get as far as selecting DX11 vs DX12 but then it just dies. If I try to add as a non-steam game a direct line to the DX12 executable, I get 10 “File not found” popups.
Am I 100% wasting my time? I’m not opposed to giving up if that’s the consensus.


Just want to add a note that Vampyr renders perfectly within Steam Play. Unfortunately there’s a substantial performance hit, and the controls (at least with mouse + keyboard) are … twitchy I guess would be the best way to describe it, even with the mouse sensitivity turned way down.


There is an option to force it to install the windows version in proton rather than the native version in steam now. Go into settings/properties for the game and choose select “force compatability tool” or something. You will have to reinstall the game for that to work though. Not sure how well Civ VI works through proton though.


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Can anyone help getting Ring Runner: Flight of the sages to work?

Linux mint 19.1