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Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]



Also happy to report forcing Proton on Distance works. Even though this game has a native client, 2 highly requested features were missing from the Linux build: Boombox mode and Custom music.

Both work when forcing Proton and using the experimental build!

To load music from your home directory, type “Z:/home/(username)/Music” in the folder name entry for the custom music option.

Only minor gripe is force feedback is slightly off, but it’s a good compromise for boombox mode and custom music!


Looks like NVIDIA has screwed up in not releasing authorization locks on the recent 418.42.02 Vulkan drivers, meaning nobody can get them, not even people who are “logged in.”

Here’s the link for 418.31.03 for those searching for it:

Edit: and of course when I give this helpful link on Reddit, I get beriddled (BY OTHER SYSADMINS MIND YOU) as “Why the fuck are you using BETA drivers, you dumbass?”


Just tested NVIDIA FreeSync on Openbox + LXQt and it’s not fun… VERY MUCH not fun.

Screen blanking is very apparent when you use a 3D program on Openbox with LXQt doing FreeSync, so avoid using Openbox for FreeSync as there are way too many problems with screen blanking.


so that the gpu actually performs instead of getting really hot and whining about it

(finna stab nvidia swear to god)


The problem has since been solved and they did offer an apology, but no one saying a peep was scary for a moment there. I’m on 418.42.02 right now.



Maybe you can help me figure out optimus this week xd


Yikes, not touching Optimus with a 10-foot pole.

Instead, a Vega laptop and a Ryzen CPU sound a lot better.


idk man gs63vr has been nice to have


I’m actually considering a GS65 8SF for a edit laptop way down the line. It’ll only have Premiere, and will have sandboxed Premiere and Windows.

Anyways. Seems like Cat Quest and PC Building Simulator both require Esync to be off to prevent crashing on exit.


Oh no fuck that you’re doing an asus laptop with an 1800x in it


As much as AMD is great, and I want good laptops from them as well, I think the GS65 8SF would be a better fit for @FurryJackman’s workload.


It’s a sensible replacement for the MacBook Pro. Now if only you cloud Hackintosh the MSI GS65…


Depending on what you’re doing, an XPS15 could be a good macbook replacement. It can be hackintoshed easily.


I have to run Premiere on it, so it has to support CUDA.


XPS 15 has a 1050 Ti.

Or are you saying OSX doesn’t support CUDA? (I don’t use OSX, so I’m not too familiar)


You can make it work, but I prefer a desktop GTX 1070 equivalent in terms of performance. RTX 2070 Max-Q gets close for the thin form factor I’m looking for.


Yeah, that’s fair.

It’s a tradeoff between battery life and performance still, so it really depends on where your priorities lie.


Still, newer architecture allows more efficiency per watt for stuff like client previews.

I’d get a 8750H laptop for Windows Premiere and a Ryzen 7 2700 + Vega 56 laptop for a serious Linux workstation. (and potentially Davinci Resolve)


Oh, absolutely. Not saying the RTX isn’t better in perf per watt.


I’ve found that AMD and Resolve on Linux are kinda hit or miss. (I think we’re getting a bit off-topic tho)