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Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]


New driver got pushed from Nvidia fixing the Unity engine regressions, version 415.18.04:



What kind of system are you running? Interested in Grimrock 2.



I didn’t start a new game yet, because I want to finish the first one. But the main menu works fine. It even work in ultrawide unlike the first game. The SteamDB also shows people have almost zero problems. As soon as I finish the first one, I will try it out and fill out a report on ProtonDB.

OS: Fedora 29
KERNEL: 4.19.4-300.fc29.x86_64
CPU: Intel Xeon X3440 @ 3.6Ghz
GPU: Radeon RX Vega 64
GPU DRIVER: 4.4 Mesa 18.2.4
RAM: 24 GB



Mint 19.1 beta cinnamon 64 bit. DOOM 2016 works!!, Followed guide by Level1Techs here

When installed steam for first time, I opted into the latest beta which is " Proton 3.16-5 Beta" as of today 12-13-18, restarted steam, put in " +r_renderapi 1" in the Launcher options BEFORE even clicking to download and install doom, , then downloaded and installed doom 2016 and everything …just…worked! Vulkan was auto selected in the in game settings Advanced menu and it runs like a champ just as equally as in Win 10!! xD giggideeeeeee.

Of course using Ukuu I ensured that I was running latest kernel which is right now 4.19.9 and purged every other one possible that was installed, before downloading and installing doom 2016 within Steam

Whatever issues with Mint Cinnamon that were present in September through Late November were resolved via either the distro version, newer kernel, or perhaps …both?

I love the cinnamon desktop and FINALLY I can run more games here. Thanks Any and everyone for your help months ago :smiley: and of course Level1Techs forum …website builders and upkeepers.

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Cinnamon 4.0.x is a massive improvement over 3.8.x. You can now toggle Vsync which is important for Proton.

If you’re on Ubuntu 18.04, it’s worth a try of the bleeding edge PPA for Cinnamon, but just know the risks going in of the mintsources package.

If you’re natively on Mint, the PPA might help to backport 4.0 to older Mint versions.



I have a 144hz monitor and rx 580 8GB vid card with 4790k cpu at 4.6ghz. Thus, I don’t anticipate having to use vsync ever and so far …so good. And be it Wendel or whoever, thank you for word of mouth about Lutris. I just finished playing Diablo III for a while and after it finished downloading everything within the battlenet deal about that game, it runs equally as smoothly as Win 10 ( except needing to enable Low Fx to keep it that smooth…but np though)

I got Crysis 1 ( using the installer through Lutris) working, but it’s a tad bit…jittery. Perhaps there is something I’m missing. But man…I can see that finish line on the horizon…of finally one day soon being able to flip Winblows the bird once and for all.

I wish I could get logitech 710+ keyboard software to run on Linux. I got spoiled to using the g1-g6 keys on the left for different things.

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The Crysis 1 jitters is probably the shader cache building - It will get better as you play but it rebuilds from scratch every time your graphics driver updates.



I learn something every day. Thank ya much :smiley:



Thought I’d pipe in and say that I’ve been using Steam Play/Proton with Fedora 29, and it’s been working pretty well so far (with the games I do play). Prey 2017, Killing Floor 2, and DOOM all working as I’d expect. Only game I haven’t had a lot of luck with is Divinity: Original Sin 2.



At the risk of performing the unforgivable sin of necromancy, I’d just like to mention that I just spent an hour playing Fallout 4 with native Steam and Proton 3.16-6 Beta. Of note was that I had no audio issues with FO4, which has been a thorn in my side on Linux. Now I just need to figure out how to get mods working. The built in mod downloads don’t work, and I’ll have to figure out the WINEPREFIX variable for a custom script to launch a mod manager. It’s a pain that Steam sets up a separate prefix for each game…



It’s actually not a pain but a blessing, because then you can install different winetricks for each game that might interfere with other games. that’s how Lutris and PoL do it as well and is actually recommended.

But anyway, you can install any application into any wine prefix, then just start the mod manager exe inside that prefix



So bought F1 2018 and Dirt4 and both has been running very well! Gaming on Linux really is getting much better.

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Works on Linux? Fuckin sweet!



Well works with Proton out of the box. Just added a line to fix the audio crackling but I have played online and career and all seems well!

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Thanks for the update

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Use the Proton Beta 3.16-6. That fixes audio crackling in many games using FAudio. No Protontricks or Winetricks needed anymore.

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@ Phoenixan I’m on Solus and finished Divinity: Original Sin 2 this week. Performance was a little worse than windows but overall I’d hit only a couple of crashes. The only issue I had was alt-tabbing from fullscreen put my desktop in 640x480.



I gave it another shot and it’s working now (with the symlink tweaks that are posted on protondb). At first, the sound wasn’t working at all in cutscenes and dialog would randomly cut out, but it all seems to work perfectly if I run it in windowed mode.



Happy to report that Subnautica: Below Zero works perfectly with Proton 3.16-6 once you disable the cloud effects from the F3 menu. (same menu to enable console commands)

I also tested this on FreeSync enabled NVIDIA beta drivers 418.30 and even FreeSync works.

If you’ve been holding off, NVIDIA card owners should not fear, cause it’s literally the same engine as the original Subnautica. For performance, everyone should turn off the clouds when running DXVK and Proton.

Edit: They changed the cloud toggle to be a command in the experimental build. Enable the console through the F3 menu, then type Enter and input clouds to toggle clouds.

Edit 2: Weather is now a major performance hit in experimental, so type weather in console to toggle off weather to gain back performance.



This is awesome news. Thanks for reporting!