Windows 1803 update for the people with USB MICROPHONES if it stopped working here is why

So I updated yesterday to the 1803 Windows version and my microphone stopped working and I tried so much stuff did audio driver updates and usb chipset driver updates but all didn’t work today I searched online for a solution why the microphone couldn’t be working and it is a simple thing you have to do just go in the windows settings -> microphone and enable/allow access for the microphone and apps glad I found it.Thought I had to buy a new microphone or do some update rollback :smiley:


This info will come in handy when people encounter the problem. Thanks for sharing.


yeah hope it helps haha :smiley:

I inadvertently found out about this too. But with a usb soundcard my son uses. Same process should work for usb soundcards.

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Only thing I have personally run into is it removing a firewall program with worked on the last version of 10 but was not technically supported. So you guys with those age long programs you carried across several windows versions. Heads up.

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Thanks for the heads up! Literally just installed win10 for the first time today. Win7 outlasted its days for me, unfortunately, and had to either reinstall or upgrade.

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This kinda sounds a bit sketchy from MS to me.
If i take the “Gathering speach privacy setting” in mind.
I guess i will have to put my tinfoill hat on again…
Looks like Windows10 is getting more creepy every single update.
Allthough such a setting might not be a bad thing maybe.

Who knows if it works but at least there is a logical reason of improved dictation. :slight_smile: Yet to play with it.

One of the first things you should always do with any os is go through the settings… all of them. Then see if turning stuff on or off actually means something. Hard to prove in some cases. I see at least lip service to the settings and privacy but understand the privacy invasion is still in full force. The core of the os is designed to data mine you and to push cloud… which is storing your data on someone else’s drives so they can shuffle through it at will.

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haha :smiley:

Me reporting in.

I have several testing VM’s for checking updates before applying on live machines.
1803 for the first time in a long time completely bricked 6 out of 9 of my test VM’s for some reason :frowning:

And I have no idea why yet. Goes straight to BSOD after login.

Good Jerb Microsoft :+1:


You cut the slave off from the master. :slight_smile: I have done two … one from windows update and one from updating through the media creator with no ills other than it took awhile and nuked my software firewall. I am running newer hardware.

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Do you know Barnacules Nerdgasm what he was doing at MS make a guess

  • testing updates and stuff * :smiley:


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watch the video he says it no idea where ^^

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The latest update from Windows changed a few things from the way I am used to using my PC. One was with my Sennheiser headset. The mic quit. Also I use to be able to “Quickly” change from headset to external sound in the audio control panel accessed through the Taskbar and I even had the device icons correct. The update changed the icons to default and the mic stopped working. I figured out the solution for the mic but I am a bit concerned that the reason for doing this was so Windows or some APP can listen full time. Lucky I have a mic that shuts off when not pulled down in front of my mouth. But the extra steps I have to do to switch between the external speakers and the headset now did not make things better. I thought this what the Devs are always trying to do, make things easier and better. It pisses me off when Windows updates change my settings from what I took the pain staking time to set up because it’s the way I like to use my PC. I wish there was other options but I can’t get my head around Linux and how that works and I’m not a Mac guy. I did send feedback to Microshit expressing my heartfelt opinion.

I’ll refer you to a earlier thread.


Imma just pin this till the end of June as people are still have mic issues as it seems.